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    . Zgirls II-Last One cheat free hack code list - craft, unlimited food, hungry, thirsty, crystals, level up, upgrade, restore health, materials, unlimited resources, supply box, treasure chest.

    Zgirls II-Last One cheat world: Raspberry -health food can be used to renew the stamina, quench your thirst and hunger. Scrap metal - rusty tinsel which can be smelted into iron ingot. Rope - good at using ropes then you can fight against deads - a adventurer. Kitchen knife - it’s a bit waste to chop vegetables. Box - primary wooden xob: used to keep your favorite items. Campfire - used to cook or warm your heart. Primary backpack - hiking equipment, add a small amount of load. bandage - can greatly restore health point. hat - protect the head from sunlight and attack, increase armor.

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    Zgirls II-Last One cheats android, ios hack codes

    Building and equipment: Wooden knife - homemade wood knife, after learning to use, you can protect yourself effectively. Axe - the true meaning of life is to cut down trees - a famous adventurer. Pickaxe - hand tools for mining stones and minerals as well as defense. Wolf meat - tastes better than venison. It’s said after cooking, it works like a facial. Grass - plant fiber, although it looks normal but it’s very useful. Birch - Hand timber which can be used to make plank or fuel. Spiked Bat - blunt tool, you can use it to cut off a death's head.

    Zgirls II-Last One secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: Register your pet in the pet slot to use it. Pets can help you in traveling, battles and also in the farm, so please appreciate them and take good care of them. You can register supplies in shortcut window and in auto use. You need to use supplies registered in shortcut window by yourself, but supplies in auto use are used automatically when HP and MP get low. You can control when to use the supplies registered in auto use by clicking options.

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    free letter secret password code:
    1. VukGkA1U8c - craft
    2. 4v5DCp8ucd - unlimited food
    3. dgoTl9439o - hungry
    4. JewViLh4Nn - thirsty
    5. PbTAkWSje8 - crystal
    6. pcW7myhfWP - level up
    7. KBJjdls6MD - upgrade
    8. azrlzeVvKq - restore health
    9. B25hbrPBTx - materials
    10. Sxrk5nON4V - unlimited resources
    11. rnZbeYC5bp - supply box
    12. 2qNQIn1W3S - treasure chest

    title: hack Zgirls II-Last One
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