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    Dragon Fang cheat world: let us begin the journey through the land of adventure. Ok, once again, let the first lecture begin. First of all, the way you move. Tap inside the red frame. You can move to a certain spot simply by tapping on that spot on the screen. By the way, have you notice that number goes down whenever you move? This number is called dragon time, it signifies the how many steps you can make in the dungeon. Time decreases by 1 every time 1 move was made. When dragon time drops to 0, you HP will decrease whenever you move, so make sure to prevent that from happening. So, keep an eye on the time and wander around as you like.

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    Time increases sometimes, when you cheats hack code or found a new place. If you keep standing in the same place, the time will keep dropping. It’s important to keep moving to new place. The bright area is where you can check with your own eyes, in other words, visibility. You can see the whole room that we’re in right now, but places like the path that we just went through, you won’t be able to see anything other than the tiles next to. And when you can’t check out what’s really out there, you may get into to some inconceivable troubles. So be careful while you forward.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: gold - put them in your wallet keep it safe. Defeating monsters makes you stronger. If you want to have an easier time exploring the dungeon, make sure to defeat as many monsters as you can in the dungeon. Monsters equipping page: surplus energy - it’s best to keep both the numbers on the left and right closer when you’re still unused to equipping monsters. Use the monsters you summoned and the adventure will get much easier. There’re a lot of things you should do when you’re exploring the dungeon. If you don’t know what you’re supposed to do, just tap on fairy button. I’ll decide what to do next and guide you along the way.

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