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    . MU Legend Hack & Slash cheat free hack code list - magic gem chest , rift key, imprint scroll, epic mount, stone of life, soul points, premium gift, level up, unlock skill, upgrade, legendary equipment.

    MU Legend Hack & Slash cheat world: i lost all my men to the Pandemonium army in an ambush and arrived in Kethotoom alone. Here, the regular army of the Mu empire is struggling to cut a path to Kethotoom. I have to join Black knight Zephiros, who made it deep into the Pandemonium camp.

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    Wing growth stone - a mall gem used to grow wings. Available from the endless tower, merchant at Ohrdor with seal of powers. Incomplete imprint scroll - a scroll that gives a random imprint to equipment. Right click and select the target item to use. Imprints can only be used on uncommon items or below. Imprint grade may increase by chance. Resurrection stone of life - containing the power of life. Enables instant resurrection. Instant resurrection provides a powerful invincibility buff for 5 seconds, and durability isn’t reduced from death. Uniria - a mount from the future that came through the Rift warp. Its docile nature makes it easy to fame.

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    Class: dark lord - a class with balanced offense and defense, based on its high health and defense. Specializes in powerful area attacks, and has the tactical role of protecting and boosting allies. Blader - devastates enemies on the frontline with a combination of quick charge skills and various crowd controls skills. High mobility allows the Blader to function as a melee attacked and a frontline tank. War mage - has relatively low health and defense, but can deliver the most powerful area attack. Can be built in many ways, such as a mage type a staff or an assassin type wielding a sword. Whisperer - powerful ranged damage dealer with high mobility. Capable of employing a wide range of strategies, utilizing not only bows but also traps, smoke shells, and the power of nature. Spellbinder - based on her ability to awaken a lost power to control objects and minds, a Spellbinder can freely manipulate weapons to make ranged attacks, immobilize or mind-control a small group of targets.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: You can encounter completely different beings from different dimensions through the rift. The endless tower is a mission map abundant in wing enchantment/ evolution materials. It’s unlocked at level 65. You can obtain crafting materials by dismantling unnecessary equipment.
    Skills: multi shot - shoots multiple arrows, inflict damage on enemies in front. Swift shot - quickly shoot arrows, attacking enemies in front. Starts shooting explosive arrows at level 2 and above. This skill continuously consumes MP for its duration. Hold down the skill key to continuously shoot arrows. This skill’s range and damage increase in proportion to its charge time. Multi kill - showers a selected area with arrows, inflicting AoE damage and decreasing enemies’ attack speed.

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    1. WUnHIBBqQN - magic gem chest
    2. 2hwSMFKJOO - rift key
    3. nwmnDgvNar - imprint scroll
    4. gMYH0VvoWY - epic mount
    5. oYiis9eL8h - stone of life
    6. 4Hv7QgPGoX - soul points
    7. osjhzM1RUV - premium gift
    8. AUfVFfAkX4 - level up
    9. MYMc1qgUqf - unlock skill
    10. 5jxMAwyIfL - upgrade
    11. tyYuOVBYQO - legendary equipment

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