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    . Legend of Blades cheat free hack code list - sycee, coins, action points (AP), hero soul, friendship points, level up, legendary gear, star up, premium pack.

    Legend of Blades cheat world:Jianghu exist where people live. Bai Xiaosheng book of weapon comes out. Bloody conflicts begins across Jianghu. Flying dagger Li never misses. Number three martial arts master starts his new adventure.

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    Hero star up: collect hero fragments to star up and attributes will be greatly improved. Tap the avatar to release ultimate skill. When you complete new mission, you can get Lin SHiyin fragment for free. Collect 19 more fragments to summon. Equipping the gear set, heroes will get set attributes. The higher the set quality is, the better the attributes are.

    Legend of Blades cheats android, ios hack codes

    Characters: Zhuge Shenjun - master, he designed the conspiracy which resulted in the doom of mystic blade school. In the battle, please leave boss sword attack area as soon as possible. Explosion madman - the madman is full packed with poder. He will charge toward you and try to destroy you along with himself. In the battle, please keep away from the enemy’s self - destruction.
    Arena - PVP is pretty easy, so stop by if you need red souls or level up your rank. You can get more gear, runes and dimension crack stones from space & time rift monsters than from the field monsters. It’s a necessary place to go to be a powerful character.

    Legend of Blades secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: collect martial arts techniques to rank up heroes. After ranked up, heroes can get new skills. You can recruit all kind of heroes from tavern. When you have a hero, you can go to challenge him in the assembly to get its fragments. SOuls are divided into green, blue, yellow and red. If you include soul crystals, there are more. You can collect them easily when you defeat flogging frogs. Don’t forget to equip the skill if you want to use the skill of the gear. If you enhance a skill, not only your attack increases, but also your Mp cost will decrease of cooldown get shorter.

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    1. JaeJkdQdKI - sycee
    2. u7DtBxXv0S - coins
    3. SYZPTXqOhN - action points (AP)
    4. uaXvGAPMbv - hero soul
    5. NRN0PhNTN7- friendship points
    6. X8mDM3lRQY - level up
    7. zebX4jCVuD - legendary gear
    8. KMRTWyA6dy - star up
    9. 1zFb9uF0Fr - premium pack

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