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    . Warfair cheat free hack code list - supply crate, credits, blueprints, crystals, upgrade, unlock units, level up, unlimited energy, premium box, gift ticket, speed up.

    Warfair cheat world: greetings, commander! I’m Emilia Dahler. You’re in time for the show. I’m wiping out this pirate’s generators. Give me a minute to finish them off. A leviathan? How did the pirates get hold of such a powerful blueprint? Luckily i’ve brought enough power to deal with it. Perfect. My missiler will finish it off. The terra alliance needs the best commanders to secure our mining operations. Ready? i’m plugging you in. Your goal is to destroy enemy generators. Send two tanks to attack. They are tough and strong against light targets, but can’t attack airborne units.

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    You can always change the route of your units during the planning. Units open fire automatically when an enemy is in their attack range. Remember to use reinforcements. Units move according to their drawn routes. They won’t move unless you issue an order. The terra alliance rewards victories with supply crates. They will help you improve your army. It takes time to unlock a supply crate. If you have enough blueprints you can upgrade your units.
    Units: tank - heavy tank with short range attack, that only affects ground targets. Bomber - light armored tactical bomber aircraft. Equipped with high damage short range bombs, that only affect ground targets

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: you can spend blueprints and credits to improve the level of a unit. The higher the level, the better unit’s combat qualities. You can just swipe between different screens. Drag and drop unit or support weapons hologram marker back to the deployment panel to cancel its deployment. When a unit is selected, tap on an enemy to mark it as its primary target. Your unit will prioritize attacking it. From the supply crates, you receive blueprints and other resources. Use them to expand and upgrade your army. You can speed up the decryption process by using hack cheats or crystals. Units move according to their draw routes. They won’t move unless you issue an order. Battle with hostile commanders to increase your rating. The higher your rating, the better rewards you will get.

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    1. muurOjQJDs - supply crate
    2. mKfG7aSCsq - credits
    3. bEKsorL9Vu - blueprints
    4. 2b8O4twNmm - crystals
    5. 1HwVmFJ1b8 - upgrade
    6. tpOHycmQbi - unlock units
    7. LDsmWqm0KI - level up
    8. DnBrvoRAbH - unlimited energy
    9. CtpC98pLyt - premium box
    10. 9GopqB6qCe - gift ticket
    11. UJ5tf85TyL - speed up

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