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    first, let’s learn how to summon monsters and use simple skills. Oh, and though this may seem obvious, the one whose tower’s HP reaches 0 first looses. Just follow my lead and victory is assured. You can check your current mana charge status using the gauge on the top left. Play close attention, because it increase by 1 at fixed intervals. The number in the top left of the card is how much mana it costs to use it. When the card’s image appears in color, it means you can use the card. Summoning monsters is vital, so don’t forget anything you’ve learned about it. The enemy’s HP gauge will decrease when you attack their tower. You win when the gauge is reduced to 0.

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    When a summoned monster begins to attack a tower, it cannot change targets. It’s vital that you remember this. If you’re as smart as you seem, you must realize what this means for your defense. You can view the selected hero skill’s details in the bottom right of the screen. This time, i’ll teach you how to use shuffle and ranged skills. When you don’t have any useful cards, you can use shuffle to return your hand to the deck and receive new cards. Select the rolling moonsault card in your hand. Please note that the intended use of this card is displayed as ranged. Drag until the two enemy monsters are within range and then release. It seems our ally monster is going to face a powerful enemy monster? In situations like this, use an Elven grace card to make the ally monster stronger.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: you can easily overcome enemy by using your monsters’ abilities. Spirit of rock has the ability to damage every monster on the battleground when it’s summoned. That makes it particularly useful for getting through situations. It is crucial to activate monster abilities at the right place and time. There are many kinds of character abilities: they can be triggered at summoning or at death, be passive, activate continuously as an aura, and so on! My deck - you can view the status of your decks on this screen. Select an empty deck slot and build a new deck. You can add a maximum of three normal, three rare, two epic, tow unique, and one legendary card to a deck. The number above the card shows how many you can add.

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