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    Treasure Raiders Zombie Crisis cheat world:in the underground ruins of Rock, a fierce battle is about to commence. Brave raiders, go forth and save the world. Click on the missions panel to perform missions. I forgot to give you the journal. Journal is a book that has various information on monster’s weaknesses or ability, merchant. It’ll help you with your future journey. It will contain more and more information as you level up, so make sure to check it frequently.
    Characters: Treasure raiders hack (Charles)

    Charles - a young man choose to be a hunter to find his father. Adept at area damage and controlling enemy maneuvering with his ice grenade and E turret. He’s the team’s firepower base.

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    Treasure raiders plasma gun

    - "Jupiter's Spear" Plasma Gun: The blazing hot electrical spark that comes from this plasma gun can jump from one target to the next within a certain area, which makes for great crowd damage. When the mob gets naughty, whip out your plasma gun.Treasure raiders elemental rifle

    - "Zephyrus" Elemental Rifle: A reliable, single target carry class weapon. Charles can charge it with the Energy Gauntlet on his right hand to shoot ice damage bullets.

    Treasure Raiders Zombie Crisis cheats android, ios hack codes

    Treasure raiders ice grenade - "Absolute Zero" Ice Grenade: While still in the center of the explosion, it freezes the enemy and causes all enemies within the explosion radius to get 5 layers of "frozen" status: slower movement and higher chance to suffer critical hit from ice.

    Treasure raiders frost cannon - Voltaire's Frost Cannon: Has Mr. Voltaire erect an ice cannon. Every time the cannon hits a target, it gets a layer of "frozen" status: this causes slower movement and higher chance of suffering critical hits from ice weapons. Up to 5 layers of "frozen".

    Treasure raiders Bodily Projection Generator- "Phantom Type 1" Bodily Projection Generator: Project two reflections of yourself to help you in combat. The hologram's hit points and attack rating will be slightly lower than yours.

    Treasure raiders Voltaire's E Turret- Voltaire's E Turret: Have Mr. Voltaire power your manual power generator so that the attached turret may continuously attack surrounding units and cause some stun effect.

    Treasure raiders EM Grenade-"Thor's Hammer" EM Grenade: Creates EM disruptions upon explosion that cause enemies caught in the disruption area to continuously suffer electrical damage.

    Treasure raiders Energy Gauntlet-"Lighting Storm" Energy Gauntlet: The secret weapon daddy left you. Charging the Energy Gauntlet with treasure energy, will emit several lightning sparks when fully charged, which will form a powerful blast hitting enemies surrounding Charles.

    Treasure raiders hack (Drake)

    A seasoned hunter, Drake isn't easy to kill. Good at attracting enemy attention. He's the team's storm trooper, taking damage for the team.

    Skills: Treasure raiders Shotgun - "Atchisson" Shotgun: This weapon's unparalleled ability to cause disfigurement and then some taunting for good measure, will make you the life of the party in no time!

    Treasure raiders Heavy Machine Gun - "Ripper’’ Heavy Machine Gun: This heavy machinegun with high damage, is well equipped to bring down single enemies, or concrete walls, doesn't matter. The Pit-bull bites right through it! It's only downsides are that you'll be slowed down while firing.

    Treasure raiders hack (Mary)

    Young girl with a monster inside. Her hit points are low, but she can deliver shiploads of damage within a heartbeat. She's the team's single target attack and carry.

    Skills: Treasure raiders Sniper Rifle - "Flamingo" Sniper Rifle: This rifle is a rare kind of personal weapon: as a long range artillery weapon, you can hold fire to accumulate firing power, only to release it all at once unto all enemies in the targeted area and mow down entire.

    Treasure raiders Auto Rifle - "Bayonet’’ Auto Rifle: A reliable, single target carry class weapon, it is loved by hunters for its long range and high rate of fire, which make it effective in most situations.

    Treasure Raiders Zombie Crisis secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: by pressing the fire button you can fire continuously. Medgun can switch between healing and attack mode by clicking on the button in the lower right. Click on new equipment slot to equip items. Make sure you don’t get squashed on the assembly line. The raiders handbook records all your adventures. You can revisit past battles from the plot lines hero too. Login seven days in a row to get an epic treasure for free. get your hammer and smash it on the ground to stun all surrounding units and cause some damage. Charles has elemental carry traits, so improving his elemental damage will make him more useful.

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