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    . Witch Spring 3 cheat free hack code list - soul stone, pearl, unlimited mana, materials, unlock dolls, premium pack, gold, gem crystal, evolve, craft, upgrade, level up.

    Witch Spring 3 cheat world: main magic circle and supportive magic circle are the two main types of magic circles.

    Witch Spring 3 hack cheats
    Magic combination - the types of magic circle to be placed in one slot are classified into two types: main magic circle and supportive magic circle. The main magic circle determines the attribute of magic. Supportive magic circle enhances the effect of the main MC.

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    Guard will recover your HP and MP without using items. If defense level is higher, defense rate and recovery rate will increase, and your turn will come back faster.

    Witch Spring 3 serial attacks
    Use of serial attacks - you can give more damage to the enemies by using fire magic and then serial attack on them.

    Witch Spring 3 cheats android, ios hack codes

    Dolls: little Emilia - a small, cute, and diligent doll. Works hard to heal its master when the master loses HP. Number of heals depend on master’s agility.
    Witch Spring 3 summon dolls Summon doll - doll button has been added to the combat menu. Awakened dolls can be summoned and uses in battles. However, you can only summon 1 doll per turn, and up to 3 dolls throughout the battle. Within the blue range, tap where you want to summon the doll.
    Monsters: Big frog toad - lives in the forest. It hunts animals as well as humans. One of the biggest reason why people don’t come into misty forest.

    Witch Spring 3 secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: touch the terrain to move the witch. You can change control settings from the options. You can collect items on the field where it sparkles. Collected items will help you to survive. You can use them directly or you can create new items by crafting them together. Use the ladder to go down to the doll storage. When used with fire magic you can inflict additional damage on the enemy. Tap the magic pot to craft a new magic circle. With the magic pot, you can create new items or magic using magical ingredients.

    Witch Spring 3 return
    Fast return to home: press the field menu button on the upper left corner to see field menu. Press the house icon from field menu to use return spell.

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    1. aeiMocFK48 - soul stone
    2. To6hqnbfnV - pearl
    3. DWeujOtlEO - unlimited mana
    4. LnYjrOo5sI - materials
    5. b3vpZ5uio5- unlock dolls
    6. IkCg6y0P7g - premium pack
    7. 6wPECYak2Z - gold
    8. 98RbubvO3h- gem crystal
    9. wSr3zjHEjD - evolve
    10. 8GyEjxt8TE - craft
    11. wdUyRLmxEI - upgrade
    12. bIJs5H4oFn - level up

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