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    . Ultra Fighters cheat free hack code list - gems, vip benefits, talent, rank up, unlimited energy, gold, silver, soul, upgrade, level up, unlock hero.

    Ultra Fighters cheat world: this world covers and contains everything. In this world we were born, we grow, think, we feel the vitality of life. However the world is also malicious, makes us disagree, quarrel and fight. In these long and cruel years all i can do is moving forward, until i find the answer to all this. The last answer...

    Ultra fighters hack cheats
    Sole descendant of the Austin kingdom, prince George of the dragon bloodline. Your kingdom is in ruin, but the demons will not stop until the world is in flames. Will you lift dragon swords and save the world, as your ancestors did in the past. The Austin kingdom is completely destroyed, you will need help.These Dragon Swords once belong to your ancestors, take them, George! Feel their power, and restore the glory of the Austin Family!

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    Characters: Benny: dragon slash - skill passed down from ancient times, lift, spin, slash in one go. Dragon guard - summon dragon spirit from the weapon for protection and damage enemies nearby. Martial slash - channel specter breath to go berserk, ride the black dragon and damage all enemies on the screen.
    Different heroes have different potentials, train them to unlock their power. Craik: detonation - recharge the weapon and release several laser beams to scorch the battlefield. Alienation - activate ancient power, grow into an enormous size and release laser waves to destroy everything. Charged slash - channel energy into the blade and release a rotating blade wave to slash enemy repeatedly. Ned: Tyranny - use evil tentacle to pull enemies in the front nearer and pierce them with repeated attack. Jump forward and spin wildly, then fall to the ground and crush enemies below you. Scourge - drink wine, then push evil tentacles into the ground and attack enemies from below, boost defense during the skill.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: dash provides short invincibility, use it to avoid enemy attacks. Challenge stages with three heroes, switch heroes for a easier fight. Weapon upgrade and talent upgrade can greatly enhance hero stats. Rank up is the main method to power up heroes, can learn powerful skill at certain ranks.

    Ultra fighters mod code

    Enable auto battle become a quiet audience. Obtain more stars during stage challenges. Exchange stats from astrology. Collect enough hero soul to unlock new heroes. More heroes means higher team power. To open next chapter of story stage, you need to reach higher level.

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    8. bsAQSwABD0 - soul
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    10. tg20Ca9nVW - level up
    11. OeKWTx0IOO - unlock hero

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