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    . WILDERNESS ACTION cheat free hack code list - level up, auto aim, unlimited ammo, recover HP, invizibile, reload off.

    WILDERNESS ACTION cheat world: welcome to the range, private. In order to become the member of Peace keeping force, you would have to train harder. As the commander, now i will teach you about some basic skill and the exercise rules. Drag joystick forward, and move towards the target point. In each exercise, you will need to find firearms and supplies on your own to survive to the end.

    WILDERNESS ACTION hack cheats

    Tap to open bag (left corner) to check your weapon. During the exercise, targeting is the key. Swipe to line up cross hair into the spot. Swipe the screen to put the crosshair on the target. Try to fire with left hand, and aim with right hand. During the exercises, well coordinating your left hand and right hand is really important.

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    WILDERNESS ACTION cheats android, ios hack codes

    Restricted area will be expanded into the red circle in a timely manner. Red circle means the current safe area. As restricted area start to expand, the red circle will become smaller and smaller. In the gas zone, your health points will drop quickly. If your HP down to zero, the game is over. Bandage - recovers 75 HP. Performing certain actions while casting this item will cancel it. Attack and defense bonuses are based on map scenarios - for example attacking gives an offensive boost. Tap the quick reload icon when it appears to quickly reload your weapon.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: select a unit and toggle stop to prevent that unit from wandering off on their own, unless specifically given waypoint commands. Toggle this command if you want a unit to stay at a specific location, for example. Protect - select a unit, toggle protect, and select an ally for them to defend. Units will follow and automatically attack anything trying to damage who they are protecting.


    Effective range - shooting at an enemy at long range deals minimal damage! Look for the range indicator, and fire at enemies that are in medium, or effective range. Gold and silver - your supply convoy generates gold and silver in real time while you play, and even while you are away - check back often to collect extra resources.

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    1. 10hMtgXP1B - level up
    2. xNdYDi0bYK - auto aim
    3. yqDOIz7eIq - unlimited ammo
    4. 6paRNfzYja - recover HP
    5. V5NVVJP5Fy - invizibile
    6. 4KOGlLN7bz - reload off

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