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    . Puzzle Guardians cheat free hack code list - skill points, hero fragments, gold, legendary summoning, evolve, upgrade, unlimited stamina, gems crystal, diamonds.

    Puzzle Guardians cheat world: cheer up, this is the final chance to defeat shadow dragon! The final battle, it’s on you! Don’t hesitate, start from where you are standing. Link same-colored element blocks to move. We are lost once the team HP drops to 0, must be careful. Link multiple element blocks in 1 round to trigger combo. And your attack will increased.

    Puzzle Guardians hack cheats

    We must hurry up! When all enemies are defeated, we will enter the next floor. The flashing element blocks represent the range of the chain skill attack. If there are enemies in the range the chain skill will trigger automatically.

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    Back in the old days, i and your father, fought the shadow dragon three hundred rounds and still couldn’t break the tie. I can train you into a warrior better than me. Each hero has its own attribute. To summon a fire hero, you need to link red element blocks. In this way, fire heroes will attack enemies together with you. Listen carefully, elements are divided into 4 mutually restrained types as fire, water, thunder, and forest. The weapon in your hands also has an attribute. No matter in what conditions, fire swords always emit scorching flames. Nuclear sword - deals massive fire damage and knockback to enemies within the sword skill area. Scientific power - deals forest damage equal to 10 times of self attack to enemies in a cross ( 8 blocks).

    Puzzle Guardians secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: you will gain defense set bonus by equipping a full set of helmet and armor. Use attribute restraints to deal more damage to enemies in battle. Each floor of the instance has a step restriction. If you exceed the step restriction, you will take damage in every round. Are you in trouble? Try heroes’ skills.

    Puzzle Guardians mod code

    To obtain new heroes, go to summoning and try out your luck. If you collect enough fragments, the heroes can be evolved, and even their appearance will change. Some bosses will enter berserker mode at low HP. So you need to control its HP, and defeat it with one blow in advance. The hack cheats guide will end here! Really look forward to your later adventure stories. Don’t let me down.

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    1. WIhqis7yAz - skill points
    2. JIddKLjbgz - hero fragments
    3. CV3as4LhmD - gold
    4. RrVx7HFNlv - legendary summoning
    5. 4AROlyPRmd - evolve
    6. GXFrkNcV6g - upgrade
    7. JyRgq3mjjs - unlimited stamina
    8. AbTQKH9xJQ - gems crystal
    9. VojmDUEG2M - diamonds

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