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    . Medals of War cheat free hack code list - gold, elite chest, key, medals, upgrade, evolve, gift pack, level up.

    Medals of War cheat world: welcome to warland, commander. Warland has rewarded you with gold keys. Commands are used with command points (CP_ that you receive when deploying units. By holding both no man’s land areas, your own HQ will fire artillery at the enemy HQ. There’s two ways to win: destroy the enemy HQ, or control both no man’s land areas when time runs out.

    Medals of War hack cheats

    Rare cards require 50 essence, unique need 900, and legendary take 3000. Essence can be acquired by extracting it from a card that you no longer want. The time it takes to extract essence depends on the rarity of the card. The instant extraction function allows you to instantly complete extraction.

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    Medals of War cheats android, ios hack codes

    Soldiers: Rifleman - a loyal soldier of warland, happy to serve as gun fodder. Bazooka - makes short work of vehicles and buildings. Shotgunner - deals damage in a come in front of him, ideal against groups. Heavy gunner - carries heavy guns. Light tank - only attacks vehicles and buildings. Grenadier - fires grenades for moderate damage in an area. Taunt - causes a designated ally hero to taunt the enemy team for 3 second. Officer: Jack maverick - 25% damage increase for all infantry.

    Medals of War secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets:Upgrading units and commands makes your army stronger. You can also manage your active squad. Upgrading costs gold, and we just spent everything you have! You can earn more by cheating hack or winning battles. Remember to use your commands to dominate the enemy.

    Medals of War mod code

    You can open a reward box every time you collect 10, 20, and 30 adventure stars. Medals of War Relics are required for increasing a hero’s grade. Timing is everything when it comes to recovery and taunt cards. When enhancing, if you use another piece of gear for the same body part, you’ll receive 50% more experience.

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    6. zzz99sL7k9 - evolve
    7. zVt1IzeLpT - level up
    8. bhGhe37w1 - gift pack

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