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    heroes will android hack

    This world was created by six gods. And when they created the world, they also created a creature to keep the balance of the world on their behalf, and they called it Dragon.
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    Dragons heroes will, the representatives of the six gods, kept the balance of the world, and humans worhipped them in delight. However the dragons changed. Instead of keeping the balance of the world heroes will, they destroyed it, putting everything into a stage of chaos. People tried to fend against them, but everything was in the face of the dragon's power.

    The dragon's rampage destroyed everything even the hopes of the people. By the time everyone was about to surrender, six heroes appeared. They fought fiercely and finally reached the dragon's nest. And there, they face their final battle game heroes will.

    Dragons, who were absolute beings, were defeated by the six heroes. The six heroes drank the dragon's blood and gained eternal lives, and built six different kingdoms. The broken balance of the world started to find its place rapidly. The legend became history, and the history welcomed the beginning of a new era. However....

    The story of six heroes who saved this world "Will" from the dragon has ended. Allen closed the book and became concerned. With the gates kingdom falling into panic because of Clark's disappearance, the people looking forward to a brighter future fell into chaos. Corrupted nobles and the suffering people... Allen realized that nothing had changed since the time of the six heroes. Allen grabbed a sword and got up from his seat. He knew that it was now time to join together to reform the kingdom heroes will.

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