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    . Spell Chaser cheat free hack code list - diamond, gold, feather, rune, 6 star skill ticket, heart, chest.

    Spell Chaser cheat world: nice to meet you! I am cheat-on. I am the training officer here. You can use the virtual control stick to move in desired direction. If you want to switch to touch-control mode, tap on the finger icon at upper right. Now let’s learn how to use your skills to fight the enemy. You can slot or remove skill cards. I’m going to slot a set of skill cards for you. Go fight the enemy.

    Spell Chaser hack cheats

    Touch the icon on the right to activate the slotted skill. There are more than 100 different skill cards. You can also slot rune in a skill card to make it more unique and more powerful. You can fight more easily by selecting auto mode in the bottom center part of the screen. Monsters are not only opponents that you’ll be fighting. You can also battle against other players.

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    Spell Chaser cheats android, ios hack codes

    Your skill card and your character can gain experience to increase level when you clear a stage. Touch the set button. You can view all of character related information. Please note that all is displayed in virtual status so try it for yourself later. You can slot up to 6 skill cards. If you move the skill to the slot that already has a skill, the order will change.

    Spell Chaser ticket rune

    I’m going to teach you how to slot a Spell Chaser rune in your card. From the skill card menu, tap on the rune button. Touch the rune and you can view its stats and menu, just like a skill card. You can slot up to 3 runes in each skill card. When you slot the rune, the attack, defense, and health point stats of the rune is added to the skill card. Each rune has unique effects so check the effects carefully before slotting. Also note that some effect is enabled only with certain weapon class skill card.

    Spell Chaser secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: certain class will have advantage in certain dungeon. Check advantage status in the stage selection screen. You will be awarded with hack honorary medals that can be used in the shop when you win matches in the arena. You will get bonus experience when you use the same class level-up or upgrade materials as the target skill card.

    Spell Chaser mod code

    You cannot control your character but only your skills when you play in a battle mode such as arena. YOu can still tap and control the skill even in the auto mode. You can get dual sword and gauntlet exclusive effect with purple rune and black rune.

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    free letter secret password code:
    1. 1rpcAxgJCq - diamond
    2. o2HsVy5VKA - gold
    3. s1Mg3Sg6NJ - feather
    4. QBDowkViuD - rune
    5. Btal43ktLr - 6 star skill ticket
    6. VOATuDaylt - chest

    title: hack Spell Chaser
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