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    Papa's Pizzeria cheat world: let’s get started with training. You’ll copy down each customer’s order onto an order ticket. Switch to the build station to start making a pizza. Kingsley wants a traditional crust for his pizza - tap the traditional crust button. Kingsley wants classic marinara sauce. Wait until the dotted line is largest as it reaches the edge of the crust, and tap the classic marinara button.

    Papa's Pizzeria hack cheats

    This pizza needs papa’s cheese blend. Wait until the dotted line is largest, and tap the papa’s blend button. He wants 8 pepperoni on the pizza, start tapping on the pizza to add them. Symbol means he wants pepperoni to cover the entire pizza. Space them evenly so each quarter gets the same amount. Tap the finish button to send the pizza to the oven.

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    Drag the pizza onto a free spot in the oven. He wants the pizza cooked regular, when the timer dial turns orange. Wait until the dial matches the symbol on the ticket. Tap and drag to start cutting the pizza. Now cut it across, try to make all slices the same size. Drag this order’s ticket onto the ticket holder to deliver it. 8-cut pizza - it’s the same as a -cut, but you can also cut diagonally.

    Papa's Pizzeria tickets

    Use the game tickets you earn to play in foodini’s daily mini game show. Clothes: shirts, pants, shoes, hats, belts, jackets, glasses, arms, extras. You can drag tickets to the ticket line or the ticket hook to organize or read them easier.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: customer is a closer? Closers are very picky about their food. They will be tougher when grading their orders. Customer has a special recipe - they will be tougher when grading their order, but you can earn a new recipe to serve.

    Papa's Pizzeria mod code

    Your driver will take phone orders from customers calling the restaurant. They’ll also deliver the pizza to their house when it’s done. Square cut - cut it into squares with two cuts across and two cuts down.

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    5. vYXpVbmWDG - rare missions
    6. UJs2wiIm2E - multiplayer

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