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    . Hungry Hearts Diner cheat free hack code list - bill, level up, recovery hearts, upgrade, unlock recipes, speed up, free items.

    Hungry Hearts Diner cheat world: on a tiny side street in a nameless little neighborhood sits an old japanese diner. Things are quiet here, old fashioned you might say. But of course they are. It’s Showa era japan, and the television is just starting to come into vogue. Slide open the screen door and you’ll see a kindly old lady hard at work behind the counter. Her husband’s been sick for a while, and she’s had to run the place on her own. It’s hard work, but she’s a tough one, and she gets by.

    Hungry Hearts Diner hack cheats

    Sit down at one of the worn wooden tablets, and close your eyes. Thunk goes the steady beat of a knife chopping veggies. Hiss, the sound of meat sizzling in a pan. Swish swish, a whisk beating eggs. The soothing sounds of a simple kitchen. Sit here long enough, and all that tension will just flow right out of you. SO come on in, order hot meal, and take a load off. The peace’ll do you good.

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    Hungry Hearts Diner cheats android, ios hack codes

    Serve your customers tasty home-cooked meals, then collect the bill. Level up your food by cooking it enough times and unlock new dishes. Customer satisfaction goes up with each bite they take. Raise it high enough and unlock new events. Use your hard earned cash to buy upgrades for your dinner. It’ll help, promise.

    Hungry Hearts Diner bill

    rice ball - the possibilities of its triangular shape are endless; the rice ball is a microcosm capable of encasing all kinds of fillings. Raw egg - in Japan, raw egg is often over rice. All you need is a bowl, some soy sauce, an egg, and you’re good to go.

    Hungry Hearts Diner secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: food you make goes on the sideboard until it’s served. Your customer placed an order? Tap it to serve them their food. You can tap a customer to hurry them along. You can tap an item on the sideboard to make it again. Food can level up! Sometimes this will unlock a new dish. Purchase equipment to spruce up your diner.

    Hungry Hearts Diner mod code

    Barley tea - a type of tea made from barley. A summer favorite. WHo are we kidding? It’s a year-round favorite. Nori - dried seaweed. That’s all it is, so why is it so tasty? Nothing beats a bit of nori paired with rice or egg.

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    free letter secret password code:
    1. h0GSbAwwVO - bill
    2. d0grnZZidF - level up
    3. FnAKVL276Q - recovery hearts
    4. L0AcSPRm9g - upgrade
    5. p42cJLh6rd - unlock recipes
    6. 5vYK8p87eu - speed up
    7. W6iGT7JjWu - free items

    title: hack Hungry Hearts Diner
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