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    WarReign cheat world: welcome, commander! I’m cheat-on, assistant of this tribal territory. This territory is one of the main strategic points of this empire. Which is why your role is very important, commander. This is a contested territory and is open to frequent surprise attacks from our enemies, so we must be prepared at all times.

    WarReign hack cheats

    Let’s build an archer tower with excellent surveillance capabilities. Luckily the archer tower was powerful enough to defend against the small patrol. But we need to be prepared for the enemy attack. As you have experienced, we are frequently being ambushed here. We must always be prepared against the enemy’s attack. Now let’s learn about attacking. We need attack units to organize an attack. First summon the elven hunter, the hero that will lead the attack unit.

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    WarReign cheats android, ios hack codes

    Race: humans - utilize elite units with the combined power of magic and science. Elves - utilize long range units that specialize in magic attacks. The undead utilize swarms of units with summoning and revival magic. Elven hunter - is a hero that attacks from behind with a powerful ranged attack. YOu can expect excellence from elven hunter. Place the hero you summoned on the hero dais. Tap the switch race button to play as another race.

    WarReign gold

    Buildings: assembly area - assembles units for an attack. Command post - upgrades attack skills. Spring of life - restores the HP of nearby buildings. Armory - upgrades unit abilities. There is a faster way to recruit units by using hack cheats crystal. Try tapping the complete recruit now button on the right. You can also utilize powerful skills to lead the battles efficiently.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: join a guild to enjoy guild related content. Destroy the enemy’s headquarters to win the battle. Tap inside the rectangle to deploy the selected unit. Acquire additional resources by conquering territory. Try your best to get a victory chest every day. You can’t be attacked by other commanders while being protected. But remember that, once the protection ends, you will be open to attacks again. And you can attack another territory while being protected, but the duration of your protection will be reduced by 3 hours. if you need more protection time, you can purchase it from the advanced shop.

    WarReign mod code

    Giant plant roots - shoots roots at the selected enemy building, causing it damage and making it unable to attack for a certain amount of time. Tap the hero skill icon to use the skill. Units that have been killed in battle can be recruited again quickly with the recruit unit button. The resource required for developing your territory can be secured by conquest. Continuously conquering territory is fundamental to development. The basic duty of the commander is to develop this territory and to win battles. Other commanders can also attack territory for the prestige of the empire.

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