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    . Dragon saga Origin cheat free hack code list - action points, gold, gems crystal, food, materials, legendary weapon box, pet, enhance.

    Dragon saga Origin cheat world:the animals in the outskirts appear to be in the area near the village and attack people. The guards are still under investigation, but i’m short of people, so help me out. Press the mission select window comes out - look at the world map yellow button! using combo attacks and skills, putt physical load of the enemy.

    Dragon saga Origin - hack cheats

    It’s a casual style battle! In this battle mode, you hit the attack button to find the enemy and move it! Are you a little smarter? But not only that, but also portal and compensation box automatically finds, even if there is no monster, i’ll help you progress. However, i recommend that you go directly to places where there is a lot of crossroads or unusual terrain, Unfortunately, it’s not universal. And if you are confident in the battle, you can do an action style battle. I am always showing how i am fighting now at the top of the screen, very convenient.

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    Dragon saga Origin cheats android, ios hack codes

    Warrior - this job has short attack range but great defense with armor and born offence power. He always is at the head of battle. Wizard - this job has distance attack range and attack huge area and give damage to bunch of enemies. He has very destructive power. Crisping - come to me if you need strong equipment. Darwin - to strengthen the arms. Come to me.

    Dragon saga Origin - costume
    Daisy - mothaneunge from food to eat potion, item processing, degradation. Gato - you sell yeppeojineun beauty and wonderful costumes. Amy - if you need to finish your pet - gotta come find me!The last thing i want to know is auto hunting. As you enter the battle looks next to auto hunting i can use the function! Benefits while. Pet system - use a system of pet illustrations, enhancements, collages, skill changes, and fostering.

    Dragon saga Origin secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: costume composition - same grade costume composition will be upper level costume. If you want to higher stat, why don’t you costume composition? How to raise your score: the more dungeons you challenge, the better; the more monsters you kill, the better; the higher the ranking og my party members, the better.

    Dragon saga Origin - tower of trial

    Tower of trial - it is the contents that the user who occupied the tower of the trial becomes the boss for one week. Pet which follow you assist your battle indirectly. An item with a red border is rated “artifact”, the second highest.

    Dragon saga Origin - pet hack

    how to enter hack cheats Dragon saga Origin.

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    1. RKeU1wjm28 - action points
    2. Uv7HLPftot - gold
    3. u0bnfmvUhz - gems crystal
    4. 5GXUQa828F - food
    5. 5ItVdk0NTs - materials
    6. SB6irDS0Nf - legendary weapon box
    7. 9wZyhvf6dE - pet
    8. yka3uWMUUE - enhance

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