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    . Battle of Souls cheat free hack code list - soul spirit, battle point ticket, roulette, evolve, upgrade, level up, gold, gems, unlimited energy.

    Battle of Souls cheat world: during the hack period, master level achieve the requirement in order to receive the reward, do not forget to get the reward in activity. Players can use gems to exchange tiamat chest, it possible to ten million of gold when opened. To become the world's richest man is not only a dream. Luxury gift 4 star gear chest appear - it’s a chance to strengthen your team.

    Battle of Souls - hack cheats

    Magic stone gear can be used to pray to receive new gear. YOu can equip stones and ignition stone to use various skills and special skills. You can upgrade gear at the cost of gold. Upgrading gear increase their attack and other attributes and extend their stone slots.

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    Battle of Souls cheats android, ios hack codes

    classes: knight, assassin, archer, wizard, shaman and priest. Buildings: soul, arena, clan, mine dungeon, enhance, explore, store, library. Skills: focus archer - damage to enemies of the same class. Explosive shot - fire explosives and cause heavy damage in the nearby 10 meters. Rapid fire - correlating to the number of enemies, attack every 0.2 seconds with a volley of arrows. Poison arrow - inflict damage or drop stamina for 20 seconds.

    Battle of Souls - skill hack code
    Slash - quickly jump and perform a down thrust. Storm strike - rotate to powerfully swing the sword, inflict damage to enemies within the radius. Gale - lunge forward to strike three times. Swift strike - attack the enemy in front of you three times in a row. Dagger throw - throw a dagger twice in a row at enemies within 1 meters. Stealth strike - teleport and attack enemies from behind.

    Battle of Souls secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: card packs can be used in inventories after purchasing them. Souls are arranged at the dungeon in the order of physical strength from higher to lower. There are certain stages where tool items are dropped. When the account level is rosen, the largest quantity of BP and MP will increase and additional contents will be opened to certain levels.

    Battle of Souls - battle

    The avoidance rate has same effects with damage reduction. If you want to acquire a different soul, gather six card pieces. If you want to reserve other skills in advance while using a skill, press other skills immediately after using it. If you want to grow your soul rapidly, use the experience value token.Experience value tokens can’t be used against three souls with higher levels.

    Battle of Souls - buildings

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    1. RiSaoNIfwb - gems
    2. ncVSusXTUy - gold
    3. WtJd0DlKQE - unlimited energy
    4. lGxMhNiGC7 - battle point ticket
    5. DKI91hChVW - roulette
    6. fvIxlzN1at - evolve
    7. ljh3hPruUb - upgrade
    8. Fg1bzj3hjX - level up
    Battle of Souls - gem cheats hack

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