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    . Lightseekers cheat free hack code list - light stones, fragments, resources, gold coins, dollar bill, legendary card, level up.

    Lightseekers cheat world: things you can interact with will have an icon above them. Tap on the icon to interact. Combat pickups - during combat, your enemies will drop boosters! Tap or walk over them to use them. Loot pickups - defeated enemies may drop many different items. Tap on an item to view its details.

    Lightseekers - hack cheats

    Tap anywhere on the ground to move your character around the world. If you see “run” button, you can tap it to run to your next objective. Combat - tap an enemy to target it. Attack your target by tapping it again or using an ability. Use your abilities to defeat enemies in combat. You’ll gain more awesome abilities as you level up.

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    Lightseekers cheats android, ios hack codes

    Tyrax - wielding an arsenal of explosive. Mechanical and time abilities, the Tyrax use their wits, gadgets and gizmos to overcome any challenge. Mari - harnessing the elements of lightning, water and air, the fun - loving but fierce mari always bring the storm wherever they go.

    Lightseekers - cards
    Tap on your bag to open your inventory and tap on the collar to activate your pet. Once activated check the “pets” tab and summon your new pet! pets will follow and fight for you! Pets: bomberson - unleashes a powerful explosion that damages all nearby enemies but leaves himself stunned for 3 seconds.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: your equipped items are displayed on the left around your hero. The items in your inventory are displayed on the right. If you don’t have a card, you can also scan a dollar bill or the free card found on the cheat-on website. Freeze time - deal damage to your target and stun them for 6 seconds. At level 5 you unlock combos! Charge up these abilities in combat to unleash their power. Equip a weapon or a shield to a character's figure to gain extra abilities.


    Powers: charge shot - requires a ranged weapon. Fire a charged shot at the target. Every three shots results in an explosion that damages all nearby enemies. Rapid regen - instantly heal yourself, followed by smaller heals over time. Blast strike - requires a melee weapon. Damage all enemies in front of you with a powerful swing. Power bomb - a magic bomb is launched at the target, dealing damage on impact. Bounce bomb - is thrown at the target upon hitting . It has a chance to bounce to another nearby enemy. Each hit deals damage. Barrier charge - charge at your target, damaging and stunning all enemies around them.

    Lightseekers gold coins hackLightseekers dollar bill

    Lightseekers light stonesLightseekers fragments

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    free letter secret password code:
    1. Ad18FTQXHZ - light stones
    2. IEQ6yH52Dj - fragments
    3. w7GWf2lgLY - resources
    4. 7f49nwzyPZ - gold coins
    5. XEM8RJwdjw - dollar bill
    6. fdum0PnH46 - legendary card
    7. EpAMeBESxL - level up
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