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    . Snipers vs Thieves cheat free hack code list - decoy, health fix, explosive ammo, tokens, cash, legendary case, level up, speed up, unlimited stamina, energy.

    Snipers vs Thieves cheat world: on your feet! Rival thieves are stealing your cash. Grab your sniper rifle and stop them. They’ll escape if they can reach getaway van. Window is your position. Spot the thieves and blow holes in their escape plans, and bodies. Zoom using the scope slider.


    Time for some revenge! Go and steal cash from your competition. Using gadgets puts the odds in your favour. Unlocking and upgrading gadgets also grants experience. The vault is blown. The cash is in your bag. Now the real challenge begins. Hurry to your getaway van before the police arrive. Just watch out for the sniper who wants to put a hole in your head.

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    Snipers vs Thieves cheats android, ios hack codes

    Decoy - this cheap copy of a thief doesn’t stand up to personal attacks, but just may keep you alive. Unlocking that gadget granted you enough experience to level up your stats and gain access to a new rifle. Explosive ammo - these tiny but powerful explosive can turn minor injuries into medium sizes catastrophes. Radar - fire up this military grade radar to find the thieves, then gun them down like filthy dogs.

    Snipers vs Thieves - tokens
    Your health bar shows how close to death you are. It’s grim but accurate. Your stamina bar shows how much longer you can run or dodge. Your adrenaline bar shows how much energy remains, used for sprinting. To reach the getaway van, tap a green arrow to move from cover to cover. Tap and hold to taunt to fill the adrenaline bar.

    Snipers vs Thieves secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: unlock and upgrade gadgets for more experience. You can only use gadgets from cover points. Use your decoy gadget to distract the sniper. Reward cases are earned from busting enough thieves or escaping in the van. It takes time to crack them, or you hire a professional to open immediately. Tap on a case to start an opening timer.


    Open the rookie case to unlock play mode by busting thieves or stealing money. You will win greater rewards and steal more cash in play mode. Come back every day to open bonus cases. More modes and rewards will unlock as you progress in level and rank.

    Snipers vs Thieves gold coins hack

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    free letter secret password code:
    1. VlFeQNbvQV - decoy
    2. a1fBa8mMNf - health fix
    3. VeDWgeMDs2 - explosive ammo
    4. dSnI2vc4CY - tokens
    5. LEnlZg132h - cash
    6. fWixtfV5uL - legendary case
    7. UKjr6txT9v - level up
    8. w1azQBjTCI - unlimited stamina
    9. PGCmINoCGK - energy
    Snipers vs Thieves decoy
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