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    . Swordigo cheat free hack code list - health, treasure chest, legendary weapon, soul shards, level up, coins.

    Swordigo cheat world: hey, it’s good that you are here. Your master went into the woods and he should have been back by now. Maybe you should go find him. Before you go, take sword. It’s dangerous to go unarmed. While in the air, press the jump button again to perform a double jump. Hold the jump button down longer to jump higher.


    Oh no! What has happened here? Master! Are you alright? He is not breathing… Something must have attacked him. He seems to be carrying a note. “if you are reading this, i must already be dead. It was the corruptors, they have returned. They followed me here and there was nothing i could do. You are the only one who can defeat them now. Go back to the village and find the village elder. He can tell you what to do. Now hurry before they find you.

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    Swordigo cheats android, ios hack codes

    Thank goodness, you’re finally conscious. We feared for the worst. You have been out for weeks. Cheat-on found you beaten up in the woods. I have been caring for you since. Much has happened during the past few weeks. The road to florennum is no longer safe. Our fields are often infested by dwellers of the dark. YOu, young apprentice are our only hope. You carry the skill and the courage.

    Swordigo - legendary weapon
    It is rumoured that there is a legendary weapon with unimaginable power that can defeat the corruptors. Once, long ago it was known to be held in an ancient keep beyond the plains. You must find the sword. Don’t know your way? Look at the map.

    Swordigo secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: double tap the run buttons to run faster. Press the use button while standing close to a box to lift it. Press the use button while running or jumping to throw a box you are carrying. Reflect incoming projectiles with your sword.


    Swordigo is really a great game ever played. I love the graphics, especially the sword burning with fire and the hero (swordigo), he is very cutely animated. No technical glitches, the game has a great control. I salute ur team for creating such a great game with impeccable concept. After playing this game, I couldn't find any other game interesting. I would highly appreciate, if you guys could provide swordigo part 2. Thanks for giving us this wonderful game.

    Swordigo gold coins hack

    how to enter hack cheats Swordigo.

    free letter secret password code:
    . QwTelZZnMf - health
    2. cKYbKYEg5K - treasure chest
    3. VeLt6OizOh - legendary weapon
    4. MwKg16NQpQ -soul shards
    5. AkO1O76DxP - level up
    6. CD7jmk8oqJ - coins
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