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    . Summon Gate cheat free hack code list - shadow lord soul, gems, rubies, gold, level up, legendary weapon, gift pack, premium ticket, voucher code, epic gear.

    Summon Gate cheat world: hey, it’s great you came here. A gang of bandits attacked the town and are wrecking havoc everywhere. Don’t be afraid. I have two beasts. You can pick one, it will help you in battle. Custom battles use private lobbies so that you can play with your friends.


    Beasts: Yasaka - can charge into battle and take a beating. He excels at getting into the fray and disrupting foes. Baza - is able to withstand blows and stand toe-to-toe with anyone. His true power manifests after his mode shift. Dahlie - provides backline support for her allies. Her skills let her outlast the competition. Kagari - excels in both support and offense. She succeeds best at range.

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    Summon Gate cheats android, ios hack codes

    Characters: Fencer - Fencer and his sword are the one. He has both expertise in offense and defense, and never becomes fatigued. He defeats numerous enemies with his overwhelming power. Ranger is fast and good at ambush attack. Enemies are often confused by their various control skills. Mage is a pursuer of knowledge. He is good at attacking advantages of enemies’ weaknesses and can cause damage to multiple units with his extremely harmful spells. Ranger is fast and good at ambush attack. Enemies are often confused by their various control skills.

    Summon Gate - legendary weapon
    Cleric is the messenger of God. Their belief grants them the power to heal and benefit allies. They are trustworthy companions. Hound’s skills can turn the tide of battle on both offense and defense. Hound is resilient and can daze foes, limit their movement, and otherwise provide control. Dahlia is able to whittle down her enemies. SHe displays her true power in team fights. G can choose to expend HP to fuel skills, or retain it to survive longer.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: agents who have been vanquished must wait a short amount of time before rejoining the fray. Remember how you earned a novice’s scratch-off ticket in the tutorial battle? Here you can scratch off that ticket and any others you earn in battle. Cards you obtain from scratch off tickets can be equipped to an agent to grant them enhanced abilities. You can see how many lucky squares there are in the top left.

    Summon Gate powers (abilities)

    The number you can scratch off for free is displayed at the top of the screen. You’ll have to use Midas to scratch squares beyond that number. Thankfully, winning battles increases the number of free squares. The experience gauge charges if you get duplicate cards. You can augment your card once the gauge is full. If you have multiples of a given card, go to augment/sell in the card menu and select “augment”.

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    1. 5ol7tQGcDq - shadow lord soul
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    3. Sqrh7fAh74 - rubies
    4. Zl6xTno6FO - gold
    5. 3L92FZ00lV - level up
    6. qWil73pbNA - legendary weapon
    7. boFxsvxrDz - gift pack
    8. B40wlpGDGl - premium ticket
    9. 83vHuoqrlD - voucher code
    10. dgnkXHReSA - epic gear
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