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    Battle Team cheat world: good morning, Gentlemen! YOu belong to the best of Nova force; the real rules of the planet, otherwise known as the Uf group, have assigned you with this mission. If you complete this mission, you will receive a very high reward as well as an all inclusive South pacific vacation at a summer resort for 2 weeks.


    Today’s operational area is the 19th IF nuclear waste site located in the South pacific’s western Samoa. Over there they have a huge motion weapon that has been on research and development for about 5 years now. A huge weapon is out of control now because the control system has some problems, and the Uf government wants us to destroy the weapon today. SO we can safely backup the research and the research data.

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    Mode screen - the mode, which can be done depending on the level of the commander’s level or the progress of the campaign planetary missions, is opened one by one. The chapter selection screen - chapters are categorized in the order of planets. Clearing all of a planet stage will open one level of difficulty and next chapter planet on the same planet. Clearing one of the planets will open the operation support mode and will add an action available on that planet, independent from the stage.

    Battle Team - legendary weapon
    Stage selection screen - all chapters except the prologue consist of 7 stages and 3 difficulty levels. The primary goal is to clear the stages of all planets by recruiting Nova forces and following the commander. Perhaps the last planet Angra is presumed to be in this format. Even for the revenge of the old generation, which we must prepare for and be ready to go. YOu can view information about the enemies that appear on the stage and select the appropriate Nova to place. Don't forget to collect various Nova so that you can respond accordingly to your mission. YOu can do this by dragging the Nova icon at the bottom Arrange onto the top panel. Please be aware that dragged characters can be removed or moved from the mission.

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    Battle: stage displays the name of the current stage. Wave is displayed in the current wave/ total wave order. Nova displays relationship information. For example - solar property Nova wind property is more powerful for Nova. When you are defeated in battle, take advantage of this factor and try again. Display information about the turn order. The icon at the bottom of the displays is Nova which received the current turn. Do not forget that the information below indicates that the order is faster.
    Battle Team battle tip
    Tip, android gameplay secrets: the battle is not difficult. When you hold skill button, it displays the information about the skill and the target that can be assigned by skill. Depending on the relationship described above, the weak target for the current turn - in nova is blue, neutral yellow, strong object red. Please refer to it. Star gems - it is called a sculpture of stars and is a rare mineral such as jewels with a gleam of brilliance. You can hire a stronger Nova when using nova transmission.

    Battle Team powers (abilities)

    At dimension gap, you can get race specific promotion materials and skill cubes. If you get confused, follow the mission. It is a shortcut to becoming an express commander. Each skill has cool time. The stronger the skill, the longer it takes to reuse it. If you become proficient in combat, you can also use the auto, x1 button at the bottom left of the screen.

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    6. 2gugFiIByn - contract
    7. 06FQ9UJPcH - evo card
    8. VfYcuxbqVj - gold coins
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