Elsword M Shadow of Luna hacked
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    .Elsword M cheat free hack code list - luna, production ticket, avatar essences, gold, jewels, level up, premium pack, gift.

    Elsword M Shadow of Luna cheat world: as you accumulate experience with the mission, your commander’s level has been increased. As the level rises, the maximum amount of luna stored increases. We will give you compensation for commander’s level in the quests. Depending on the level, the headquarters facilities will also be available sequentially. It is recommended to use the facilities in video at the headquarters admission page.


    The stage result screen - win or failure will display a win or lose screen. When Luna participated in the battle wins, you will acquire the loot for that stage. Item information window shortcut button that can acquire the corresponding item is displayed as well. If you want to replay the previous battle again or more on to the next stage, you can use again or next button. previous button will return to the stage list of the current chapter.

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    Elsword M cheats android, ios hack codes

    If you want to grow the Luna, please press the barracks button if you want to use the headquarters facilities press the headquarters button First of all, take the Uf-supplied transfer card and send the commander’s level up. Transmission can be done in main screen. In the main screen, various function as well as headquarters are available.In catalogue, you can see all novas available for commander’s troops. In caln, you may join countless clans established in outer space or make a clan directly. But when look at your barracks, you seems to need more training.

    Elsword M Shadow of Luna - legendary weapon
    Skills: armageddon's blade - increase attack range and critical chance. Heat gauge rises during the attack or when receiving attacks. Heroic descent - jumps high into the air and lands powerfully, causing a shock wave that pushes all nearby enemies back and deals explosion damage. Magical turret - launch multiple magic missiles. Magic overload rises during the attack. Conjures a magic turret and launches when at max. Eye of the storm - conjures a powerful storm at the enemy location, pulling them in an dealing nature damage.
    Rune: spiral blaze - runs at the enemy and strikes upward, lifting them into the air and dealing physical damage.

    Elsword M secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: remember that level information can always be seen through the result screen. In the 7th stage of the campaign chapter, cores 1 to 6 are randomly dropped. In transmission, you can recruit a new avatars using a transfer card created by a reward or production room. In the store, you can purchase a variety of items to help the Luna unit by using the goods obtained from the loot or support room. Item list at the store is changed every hour, so please check it frequently. Quest is where you can receive rewards from the UF, depending on whether the commander’s mission if fulfilled.


    In tower of rule, you can acquire avatar cores. Make various items through crafting. In a boss stage, you can acquire avatars and high grade items not found in normal stages. Acquire experience for equipped skills after clearing the stage. Give missions to resting heroes and receive various rewards. In henir, acquire experience and grow your heroes faster.

    Elsword M Shadow of Luna hacked

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    1. Uy5snkF5eS - luna
    2. tLzJoxYqc5 - production ticket
    3. J10SHvagiQ - avatar essences
    4. VGb5CaAHzL - gold
    5. LU2hg3wmFu - jewels
    6. on8suvVsUb - level up
    7. kOfy7YZ9IQ - premium pack
    8. y48erDgWsv - gift
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