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    .Endless War cheat free hack code list - tower crate, DNA, legendary warrior, upgrade, level up, gold, premium pack, gift.

    Endless War brave souls cheat world: god’s in his heaven, all’s right with the world. Although man has lost faith in this mad world. My faith is in this sword. When the sword is drawn. Sinners must die. I, the knight of no man's land, Foe of the evil, the justice itself.



    You, the so called best gamer of the world? Play games! Welcome to the game, system stand by, mission start. Hello, i am lucky from human self rescue alliance. You are now in the internal system of matrix, everything you see is its defence program. It is the most advanced AI system of the planet, but its managed to escape from our control. It must be shut down or humanity’s number is up. Only you can prevent it. Cause you’re the best. An impossible game is created at the entry terminal to stop us. Only by finishing the game can it be shut down.

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    Endless War cheats android, ios hack codes

    You have been found by the enemy. Prepare for battle. Matrix has taken control of all the smart terminals and cyborgs. The whole world is at stake. And home… will soon be dust, we have one last hope. The whole human race will not be saved till you shut down matrix. Here comes a good news and a bad news for you. Which one do you prefer to hear first? Bad - matrix ultimately controlled all smart terminals and has begun its invasion to us. Good - your bag is unlocked, you can upgrade items in it.

    Endless War - legendary warrior
    Open your bag to check items. Upgrade weapons to increase damage dealt per attack. Repeatedly tap or hold on the upgrade for quick upgrading. Upgrade your items at any time when you get gold. Tap on identify to view the perks of item. You can sell items you don’t need.

    Etersand Warriors secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: Idle bonus - earn from kill or away upgrade weapons. Purchase x2 offline bonus. Ascend - break limits, earn soul gems, purchase perks. Growth pack. Bounty task - complete them to claim rewards. Tap on profile or slide right to view the menu. You will receive bounty rewards after the task is completed. New task will be refreshed when the countdown is over.


    Open the list to meet your allies. Ally gains experience as well in battles for upgrades. Each ally has its specific collection for upgrades. You have more than one ally. Collect shards to summon and upgrade. Different weapons have their specific perks. Understand your ally’s specialty, if you are using a knife, you may need an ally who can shoot.

    Endless War hacked

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    1. x2I3Pptdcn - shards
    2. BKpqY8lkot - upgrade
    3. ePYQ6jB9P8 - treasure chest
    4. DgD152swlx - gold box
    5. mqe9vjHiMw - growth pack
    6. WR3eZC9Fty - soul gems
    7. 2ede5rKj17 - perks
    8. GJgVEiV3IY - increase damage
    9. n2rvEx7FHf - level up
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