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    Quickie Quests souls cheat world: i know this is the first day you’ve joined the knights. But fighting is our mission, you should used to this. You do have something else: come and try an even harder challenge. Experience tells me challenges come in many ways, for demons are very cunning. Only if you choose a suitable skill, and with suitable runes can you really beat on those evil monsters in battle.


    The knights are responsible to maintain the order in the mainland. Thus there are many daily missions for the knights to take care of each day. Of course, completing them gets you rewards. The elves usually don’t fight in the battles against the demons, but they are allies of the humans. As long as the knights need, they will send elven pets to assist us. As to why those pets were placed in the chest. Maybe this is just something the elves fond. But the main point now is, you’ve gotten a new pet.

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    Quickie Quests cheats android, ios hack codes

    Knight - good at melee combat, he owns a unique power and is the strongest warrior of the war. No one can escape the brutality of his attacks. “ My enemies will pay with their blood!” Archer - as an optimist, she’s is always looking on the bright side, even when on the battlefield. She oozes confidence and bravado for no one can outrun her bullets. Snowman - it has speed up skill, which can greatly increase attack speed.

    Quickie Quests - legendary box
    Characters: Ruins warrior - it has uninterrupted thrust skill, which can deal damage continuously. Calm Mud slush - it has split skill, which can split self to many. It’ll launch strong attack to crash enemy every 10 seconds. Runes: Shield - provides additional shield after release and decreases damage received by 35% for 3 seconds. Thunder slash - sharply lines out the seven starred array on this ground and deal magic damage to enemies on the trail.

    Quickie Quests secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: not only will pets increase your stats, they may also release strong skills in battle. Finish quests within the time alloted and get sweet rewards. It’s a secret that the trial monsters have lots of magic crystal shards. 7 day events can yield diamonds. Reach higher floors, acquire pets can unlock runes. Skills not in use can be dragged to replace the skills in use.


    Quickie Quests is completely free to download and play, however some in-game items may be available for purchasing using real money. To disable this, turn off the in-app purchases in your device's settings.

    Quickie Quests hacked

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