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    .CLAN & CONQUEST cheat free hack code list - druby, gold, honor points, wings, ether, premium summon, friendship points, speed up, level up.

    CLAN & CONQUEST cheat world:antiquitas, the land of science and mana. The land was rich gold and ether, the magical mana crystals. The continent thrived in peace. The continent thrived in peace. Sadly, it did not last long. B.A.U., the evil that uses science and mana, is threatening the land. You need to protect yourself from B.A.U. and other evil clans.


    We found an empty town. That’s odd. Why didn’t B.A.U. invade a town like this? Well, let’s scout the town first. Please touch the attack button on the bottom right. Destroy the enemy’s town hall for a successful attack. You have to summon an avatar for the battle. YOu can summon your avatar at the basic summon area. Touch the avatar icon and tap summoning area to summon the avatar you want.

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    CLAN & CONQUEST cheats android, ios hack codes

    Minion - the essential element of the battle. You can summon your minion at the basic summoning area or the area near your avatar. Touch the minion icon and tap the summoning area. Mana will be spent upon summoning. Mana increases when you destroy an enemy’s structure. Mana will be used in many different situations, such as when using avatar skills, summoning and moving minions, or making force attacks. You just earned additional mana by destroying an en,y’s structure. Now you can use an avatar skill.

    CLAN & CONQUEST - legendary box
    You won the battle by destroying the enemy’s town hall. Now you can build a new structure with the gold you earned from the first battle. To build a structure, you need to place it on an available spot first. You can assign a defensive avatar in the strategy research lab. The gold refinery produces gold, and you should gather it constantly or it will stop working. Gold production will stop when it reaches the maximum storage amount.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: the higher the level of the production facility, the more resources produced. The higher the town hall level, the more structures available. The minion center menu consists of home, edit deck, and fuse. Please use edit deck if you want to manage your minion deck. On the right side is the list of minions you own. On the left side are your minions and your deck. You can select a minion from the list and add or remove it from the deck.


    You can build various structures depending on the town level. Support - structures with special features such as troop management. Make new friends and share friendship points. Skills: shockwave - releases a powerful shockwave that damages all enemies within the fan shaped area in front of the caster within 10 yeards.

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    1. MXG1btM9gR - ruby
    2. fQhC13fEjM - gold
    3. Myx1fKCdWC - honor points
    4. x68necYrrq - wings
    5. lmoxz0PlC5 - ether
    6. 9YRfMxkzME - premium summon
    7. q5Qn69w779 - friendship points
    8. CSnWQf2evq - speed up
    9. FgfLt7ax1d - level up
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