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    Granvilier cheat world: this is much old story. It envisaged the world of destruction and genie stood up to the threat hero who. They had been engaged in a fierce battle. The power of “genie” is a mighty, do not come true is to defeat the Devil no matter heroes to challenge a fight with all your Shiryoku. So “hero” who is and the decision to seal the Genie in abyss. If this strategy is successful threat of Genie is.. but no, does not the price is never small.


    In order to reduce the power of the mighty genie is of himself also had to be sealed into the abyss. But hero we will challenge bet at the end of the desire to Genie. The fight is incredibly brutal, i finally Genie was sealed. This is the story that is told as Genie war. Now from here it is the main issue. You just, let’s tell you little secret. In fact, the heroes it may not have been sealed forever. The heroes, it is possible to recall here of the world again hero summoning form will not exist some in this world.

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    Granvilier cheats android, ios hack codes

    Hero summoning form is the secret of the book that when i do not know who that was made. There is no doubt will have a tremendous force. In fact, some of the lords that ruled the country is so is to expand the territory in its power. Hero summoning document will be the seed that lead to disaster and not the correct usage. If once you get a hero summoning manual.

    Granvilier - legendary gear
    The pursuit of self interest, do you aim to conquer the world? Or for the sake of peace of the world? Please take care. Minimaru force will destroy themselves. Well, so shall we soon begin. You spin, the story of this world. People there lord time flows as a while to forget the war genie was toward the door of the abyss. And its lord, the mystery that appeared as a comet Oki lords “Kerubazu”. He was sealed along with the Genie. I was trying to revive the dragon of the powerful unmatched. Lords of various places to summon heroes, i tried to stop the conspiracy of Kerubazu.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: combat is done to organize the six heroes. Basically, the battle will proceed automatically. It will be deathblow light is hero icon and skill gauge is accumulated can be used. And drag it to the position of the enemy while touching the icon. When you touch the screen with the effect amplification range, the effect of finishing. And to target the nearest enemy when you use the death blow without dragging. Effect is maximized when you touch to fit within the range of purple.


    Also drag while touching the icon deathblow of the recovery system. When the skill gauge is accumulated is set to On at the upper of the auto, use the deathblow automatically. Use the deathblow the full auto in turned On automatically, tap will be normal. Button below is a skill performance button. You can switch on/off of the skill performance.

    Granvilier hacked

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    1. U4Kx4uvHo0 - gem
    2. hr5qclyme2 - gold
    3. ksRK6t3dgU - premium pack
    4. DLgb2xU8Yt - level up
    5. A6L8bafVfK - upgrade
    6. TuWNGRYbAE -summon
    7. OIrDhv27zY - legendary gear
    8. S3C6vAJfqw - evolve
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