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    Captain Tsubasa cheat world: welcome to the world of dream team. I’m cheat-on, and i’ll be your guide for this tutorial. To begin, i’m going to explain how matches are played. First of all, let me explain how you move your players around the pitch. In general, your players will move automatically, but you can also control them yourself.


    next, the most basic of all football moves - the pass! Simply tap the player you want to pass to, and the player with the ball will pass it to them. You don’t have to pass directly to another player, either. You can pass to anywhere on the pitch. Keep that in mind. Next i’m going to explain how to dribble the ball. Tap on the player with the ball and drag your finger to a spot on the pitch, and he’ll dribble it there.

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    When one of the opposition’s players closes in on your player, a matchup begins. Okey, time to explain about matchups. Each player has their own player type. Each player type is strong against one player type and weak against another. In matchups, you complete with your opponent by selecting one of several different commands. The available commands are shown at the bottom of the screen. The commands that are available differ according t the situation. Keep that in mind.

    Captain Tsubasa - legendary player
    Players have different stats for each of the commands. The higher this number is, the more likely the command is to be successful. Using commands also uses up stamina. The amount of stamina required is shown underneath the command. be careful! When you run out of stamina, you won’t be able to use special skills, and your regular commands will also become less effective.

    Captain Tsubasa secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: like player types, different commands are strong against other ones. The commands that they’re effective against are shown above each one. Special skills are more powerful than regular commands, but they use up more stamina. It’s important to know when to use them most effectively. After you score, play resumes with a goal kick for your opponent.


    If your opponent tries to pass or shoot, and one or more of your players are in the line of the ball, they’ll automatically try to intercept or block it. They don’t always succeed, of course. Tapping power football will activate full power mode. When you do this, your critical rate is raised. and the amount of stamina you use in matchups is reduced. In order to use full power football mode, your gauge needs to be full. The gauge fills up during the course of the match, such as when you’re scored against, and when you win or lose matchups.

    Captain Tsubasa hacked

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