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    .Omega Force cheat free hack code list - arena chest, star sand, legendary card, upgrade, instant open, cooldown off, orbs, gems crystal.

    Omega Force cheat world: right on time! We demons are going to conquer the galaxy. You can deploy guard units around the demon lord. Deploy slimes to safeguard the commander. In addition to commanding troops, the demon lord can go on an expedition. Try to move the lord to the destination using the “assault” command.


    Destroy the enemy’s core target. When cooldown is fully reset, try dragging a card to the ambush area. Ambushing a unit will consume the unit’s crystals first. The unit can be deployed later when needed at no additional cost. With the phantoms, one core enemy target is real and another one is fake. Right now we can’t tell which one is the real one, so let’s just pick a side.

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    Send protector to attack from the left side. On the battlefield, combining some units will produce special powers. We call this action “pairing”. The units available for pairing will be highlighted. Drag the unit to the highlighted area to complete pairing. Don’t leave your ambushed troops on idle, deploy them to the field. The one on the left is fake! Not only did we not earn a star, we also woke up the giant crystal guardian.

    Omega Force - legendary card
    It’s okay. Now we know that the one on the right can release the spell to reveal the hidden towers.YOu get 1 star for releasing the spell and it unveils the twin phantom princesses. Destroy the princesses and collect our remaining stars. Now, let’s take a look at the phantom special skill - “summon”. Dragging the “summon” button on to the top of the crystal rose summons a crystal warrior. That’s why we can see both towers become highlighted for pairing when the summon button is pressed.

    Omega Force secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: When the crystal warrior is summoned with the fake crystal rose, a value 10% will show up right under it. This means the phantom's hidden underneath it has received 10% of HP. Remember that the Lord resurrects when slain, you have to slay it thrice to win! Now, let’s talk about the battle deck. Cards that shine means they are ready to level up.


    Tap on the race portraits to review each race. Switching the race of your battle deck is done in menu. Race: Demon lord - it excels at combat and has three lives in each battle. Fluffy assassin - this badass trie is fast and can fiercely stab their enemies. WHen they are engaged, it’s better not to mess with them. Rifleman - the basic unit of the human race capable of firing from a distance. It is highly versatile and can pair combat with several human units.

    Omega Force hacked

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    1. CB3IW7MCCm - arena chest
    2. PXQ60htAbM - star sand
    3. EWJAEEJoEM - legendary card
    4. BV9spgZCt9 - upgrade
    5. ZU55gYhxL3 - instant open
    6. 12Rh4fz5KN - cooldown off
    7. M5Q7vnsWbC - orbs
    8. nX71QtX2wo - gems crystal
    9. mKKYu1DxWL - level up
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