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    .Final Contract cheat free hack code list - summonore, leadership, gems, gold, upgrade, level up, premium pack, crystal shard, materials, evolve.

    Final Contract cheat world: the contract war won the peace that Artys had not seen for far too long. Aella the mercenary of the wilderness Aella will do anything she can to go head-to-head with powerful opponents. SHe left her vagabond lifestyle and came to this land after hearing of the crown league, which would provide her no shortage of opponents. She is excited to show just how much damage she can cause with her bow.


    Leon - having conquered the entirety of his homeland, Leon crossed the seas to this land in order to continue his conquest. A true king, he always fights on the frontlines, making great efforts to protect his allies. The hideout lies deep in the underground. It is there that those orcs and goblins brood over wild battle plans, tell stories of battles past or mutually try to beat each other’s heads in. And, often enough, a mixture of all of the aforementioned.

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    Final Contract cheats android, ios hack codes

    The hideout is the horde’s bedroom. That’s where they set up camp in the hideout to satisfy their need for sleep. At the same time, they can heal from any damage suffered. Gobblers are created on the gobbler farm: delicious, gobbling little creatures perfectly suited to satisfy the hunger of horde creatures and demons alike. Each level of this research increases the number of your little snots by 1.

    Final Contract - legendary spirit
    Assassinate - strikes an enemy in the front row with 25% extra penetration. Upgrade by eating experience pets; full level to starise. This circulation will make spirits more and more powerful. level up hero to increase leadership to use more powerful spirites in battle. Destroy mega boss parts to gain extra Lethal skill attack. The treasury provides an additional place to store your gold besides your throne room. Preferably near gold veins.

    Final Contract secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: it’s better to attack the countered target. Obtaining a experience pet will improve spirita’s ability. Redundant spiritas can be stored in warehouse in main city. Decompose boosted gears to get back a portion to boost cost. Summonores can summon spiritas. You can gain summonores via adventure.


    Decompose boosted gears to get back a portion of boost cost. Accumulate rage to cast powerful lethal skills. Not enough gold? Why not go to gold palace? From 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. mysterious merchant will be refreshed every 2 hours in main city. Deploy defensive spiritas in front row to better protect allies in the back. Spiritals will change appearance after awakening.

    Final Contract hacked

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    1. BjeGoinPKF - gold
    2. GAhgQdH7i1 - gems
    3. gpjhU9bSK0 - summonore
    4. pKmjbG3HIV - leadership
    5. sE5DovtKWP - upgrade
    6. YR5rwt42g1 - level up
    7. 1Zi12AkOXF - premium pack
    8. SzW7ZvWRmq - crystal shard
    9. 179Rantl6X - materials
    10. 2TkB4iP0Yp - evolve
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