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    .Mighty Battles cheat free hack code list - bucks, gold, elite units, medals, battle points, upgrade, level up, open immediately, crates.

    Mighty Battles cheat world: Our goal is to destroy red base! I’ll take you through the steps. Shooting grunts earns you 2 battle coins. When you’ve earned 12 battle coins, i’ll show you how to deploy units. Your base gun auto targets enemy units. Your opponent can deploy units. Send your units out to counter them. Each unit has strengths and weaknesses! Try deploying the rocket launcher to increase your base gun’s damage.


    SOme units change your turret’s ammo. YOu only get one clip, so use it wisely. Unlocking a victory crate takes time, but you can speed up the unlock timer with hack cheats or gold coins. Units that shoot bullets cannot shoot upwards at targets. Not sure how a unit behaves? Tap on a unit in the squad screen to look at its stats and targeting behavior.

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    EMP (support) - besides disabling enemy vehicles, EMP blasts can also remove unit and base shields! Nifty. Stuns vehicles, disrupts unit and base shield! You only get one shot, don’t miss! Tank (vehicle) - she may not move too fast, but she packs a punch once she gets there. Packs a punch against ground vehicles and the enemy base. Brick - he’s mighty, Brick’s rockets will put the hurt on anything the enemy throws at you.

    Mighty Battles- elite units
    Paratroopers (soldier) - death from above - from down under. These Aussie Paratroopers will shred your opponent’s base. Spawns 3 units at the enemy base. Attack chopper - fast and powerful, the Chopper is a great choice for blasting vehicles and bases. Hits vehicles and the enemy base. Drones - these pesky drones will make you wish you could equip your base with a gigantic fly swatter.

    Mighty Battles secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: keep upgrading your units to earn more experience! Not sure how a unit behaves? Tap on a unit in the squad screen to look at its stats and targeting behavior. You can wait for the crate to unlock, watch a video to speed it up, cheats hack code or use gold coins to open crate immediately. Units that shoot bullets cannot shoot upwards at targets.


    MG turrets provide a second line of defense while you’re busy shooting other stuff. Spawns in front of your base. Rocket launcher - anything caught in the explosive radius of your rockets takes huge damage. So that’s nice. Damage radius makes them great for hitting groups of characters. High damage also makes them great against bulky units. Elites are the strongest units you can find and strike fear into the red team.

    Mighty Battles hacked

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