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    Crusader Attack cheat world: long ago, four goddesses ruled the world. They aspired to create a world of peace and beauty. Crystallized into the essence of harmony, their wish descended to the kingdom on earth. however, the demon king Zeparius coveted its power, and started a war to steal it. The kingdom fought back, but to no avail. Many warriors fell. In the end, only two were left standing.


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    Amidst their battle against Zeparius, the Essence of Harmony exploded, and the three of them went missing. The three righteous witches Anna, Rose, and Sylvia, are about to embark on an adventure to save the world. The great sage cat has prepared an assault tank, the legacy of past warriors with new improvements. What does fate have in store for our heroines?

    Crusader Attack cheats android, ios hack codes

    I’m cheat-on, the guide for rookie adventurers. The world map - here you can pick a place to explore. You can see various stages when you select a zone. Zone menu - this is where you prepare for an adventure. You can select a character to join the adventure and get other related information. Tap with your finger and move it left and right. All parts functional! Attacks should be automatic, so just focus on moving. Use attack skills to launch powerful attacks. You need some time before you can use skills again. use crowd control skill to herd and eliminate enemies. Gather enemies to the center and stun them.

    Crusader Attack - ruby
    Summon a partner with the partner button! Summoned a partner temporarily to fight alongside your team. You can only summon a partner once, so wait for the right timing. Join forces with your partner and attack.
    Characters: rose - shoots multiple bullets in straight lines. Allows highly accurate attack. Sylvia - forest archer, shoots arrows on all sides. Has wide effective range. Anna - water shaman, shoots exploding magical orb. Inflicts damage on multiple enemies.

    Crusader Attack secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: you can break the arrows that the monsters shoot. You can use the tank’s auto battle function. In auto battle, aiming and evasion is automatic. However, you must manually choose when to use skills and summon partners, so time it well. Seems to be an adequate target to practice our mid cannon skill. As soon as he gets to the center, shoot when the timing is right.


    Experience green minion is a material that gives lots of growth EXP. If you match with the material’s colorm you will get even more EXP. Your action points recover by 1 per 6 minute. You should play the raffle with the rubies. The ruby raffle will help you summon strong friends. You can obtain 3-6 star characters in the raffle. If you play the raffle 10 times, you can obtain 11 characters.

    Crusader Attack hacked

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    1. SLPdNFK1jr - growth pack
    2. MfZtFBTZEb - chest
    3. PhGBkVh1e3 - key
    4. 6dQXqbcolo - action points
    5. VfYf4gEksj - rubies
    6. JCnrb8La5d - raffle
    7. xtai6uCY74 - level up
    8. iEIpGkufBS - upgrade
    9. g6tlIbvAuG - gold
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