Divine Paradise hacked
  • Cheats, hacks Divine Paradise: secrets code, apk bug mode

    . Divine Paradise cheat free hack code list - skill points, gold, increase attributes, level up, upgrade, materials, legendary weapon, epic gear, crystal gem, wings.

    Divine Paradise cheat world: chaos springs from the dawn. Surge disaster in the void, a ripped the night sky. The early star from the firmament brings the spirit of the prophet who guides the world. Brave man. May you become the cutting edge of darkness! Adventor, watch out monsters, click regular attack to hit enemies. Explore the unknown world and friends here to challenge the powerful dragon! Warrior, create new legends.


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    Adventor, watch top is one beneath boss health bar which is yellow super armor bar. When super armor bar exists you can not interrupt any Boss skill. Boss will release ultimate skill when super armor is recovered, please pay attention to dodge.

    Divine Paradise cheats android, ios hack codes

    Watch your step! Red warning zone is the remined of dash attack from Boss, sid ling dodge will be a good way. Equipped skill can be activated by touching the skill icon during battle. Skills: Volley shot - strike ground with weapon and use shock wave to drive off enemy, extremely hard armor effect. If you want to redistribute the points, touch the reset button. It will reset all the points for the current page.

    Divine Paradise - characters
    Characters: warrior - strong melee attack. They were able to crush the enemy’s defenses with strong force and extraordinary physical strength. Archer - powerful long distance attack ability, good at launching a surprise attack in the rear. Magician - good at controlling ice, fire, darkness, light spells. Good at using a wide range of combat and control skills. Priest - has great defense and healing, restores magic, and is responsible for protecting teammates in the team. Scholar - master of science technology, can produce magic potion, and good at bombarding the enemy with heavy artillery guns.

    Divine Paradise secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: collect the pieces of map in shadow forest. You will get surprise when knock something in scene. You can make specific talent settings for specific battles if you purchase extra talent page. Distribute the talent points wisely in order to create your own strategy. Note that in rival rankings mode, you’re matched to those in your level range.


    20 players matched to those in your level range will complete each other with arena points you’ve acquired within certain amount of time. YOu will be placed to another rival ranking once the proceeding ove’s over.

    Divine Paradise hacked

    how to enter hack cheats Divine Paradise.

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    1. uJP98tV7w1 - skill points
    2. vi7SxkuH1U - gold
    3. B7Jxo5JQ2k - increase attributes
    4. rAPJDrpw4h - level up
    5. UIcQuMx7gv - upgrade
    6. MaiErl1qc6 - materials
    7. zIJiVjGpaT - legendary weapon
    8. 5jF3cX3nQN - epic gear
    9. g60Brs84te - crystal gem
    10. O8ZVTYs0Ni - wings
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