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    Tap Defenders cheat world:it all began a long time ago. When humanity found itself on the doorsteps of doom. Everyone is fine.. i hope. I tried to turn back the time to before the enemies attacked us, but i see that we’re back to the time when they just started attacking us. Thank god that knight Kale and archer Alleria are with us. But we’ll soon need more hands to defend against the evil. We’ll be fine as we find new heroes one by one. The time travel must have affected your memories. I’ll be able to guide you. Follow your queen Canna!


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    We must clear all monsters for victory. Use the heroes to kill off the monsters. When monsters reach the end point, mission will fail. YOu can retry clearing the stage. Ranged heroes will attack the enemies from their positions when they approach within range. Melee characters will follow and attack the enemies when they're within range.

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    Heroes of each type deals double damage on those monsters with the same color types. Does not apply to clicker heroes. Silvester can attack any enemies on the map. Tap the screen to have Silvester attack the enemies. You can enhance your heroes using gold earned from killing the monsters. Hold the tap on the button to level up continuously.

    Tap Defenders - legendary hero
    Boss monsters will spawn every 5 stages. These strong monsters are harder to defeat, but worth more rewards. Tapping the screen to attack enemies will fill up the fever gage. YOu can use fever time when the gage is full. There are 3 levels of Fever, and higher Fever level will have higher bonus attack damage. YOu can hire new heroes or purchase various items at the shop. Here you’ll find different heroes available every day. You can hire the same hero multiple times, but it will get mre and more expensive.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: You can find summon scrolls for random heroes at the gacha shop. gems can be used to hire new heroes or to purchase hero scrolls. When you collect sufficient hero scrolls, you can upgrade the hero. Purchase summoners scroll to hire new heroes, or upgrade scrolls to upgrade your current heroes. Use the deploy setup to configure layout of characters. You can also swap heroes’ positions. Select the hero to swap positions. Select another position to move the hero to.


    Characters Tap Defenders: shaman shay supports allies by debuffing a single enemy with basic attack. Affected enemy takes additional damage from the allies, and the Cursed land skill affects multiple enemies within area. Kale - is a melee hero specialized for taking down powerful monsters. Kale charges and stuns a monster, dealing bonus damage. Pilby - is an adaptable melee hero who can change attack type. Pilby attacks nearby enemies with a hidden dagger, and improvises to change his attack type to become compatible with the enemy type.

    Tap Defenders hacked

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