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    . Final Heroes cheat free hack code list - unlimited stamina, diamonds, gold, upgrade pill, evolve, epic heroes, level up, arena points, materials, resources.

    Final Heroes cheat world: the kingdom of balance follows the dragon of balance. Located at the southwest in the fertile lands of the monster forest. Th kingdom of light follows the dragon of light. Located at the northern fields of eternal snow, always blessed by Laer. The kingdom of darkness follows the dragon of darkness. Located at the southeast in the sea of vikings.


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    Tap the hero portrait to release his skill. The territory can be more prosperous after collecting gold. Iron is the material needed to upgrade buildings, remember to collect frequently. We can upgrade the castle and conquer the world with these iron. Set your hero roster and begin a war. In PvP, heroes increase your mid and back row army by 25%.

    Final Heroes cheats android, ios hack codes

    The conqueror is on the snowy plains, accepting your challenge. Obtained a new batch of materials for star tiles. Activate group of star tiles to increase the star level. Ancient horns always summon guardians of purple or better quality. Enemies are getting stronger, head back to your territory to learn a new lord skill. Choose a healing skill to support your army.

    Final Heroes - legendary hero
    With recruitment order, you can recruit new heroes at the tavern. All kinds of powerful heroes can be pulled. Higher equipment quality provides more stats in each enhancement. Unlock all hero ties will drastically promote hero stats. After defeating the conqueror, even Thunderfury wants to join our army. Thunderfury is one of the strongest mages in the world.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: gems of the same type can be combined into better ones. Upgrading beast souls can greatly improve a hero’s power. Use materials to activate hero’s star tile and help them grow stronger. Heroes with stars must be reborn before recycling. Arena points and ranked races are held on a weekly basis.


    Epic heroes contain the most powerful heroes. Upgrade the castle to unlock more lord skills. Only undeployed heroes can be reborn. Heroes need better equipment. Gems of the same type can be combined into better ones. Don’t forget to develop your territory in between battles. The castle level determines the maximum level of other structures.

    Final Heroes hacked

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