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    Mintmark of Time cheat world: at this time, a while light fell from the sky, violent clashes with both forces, resulting in an unprecedented big explosion. After the explosion, the alliance dispatched alliance forces to investigate but didn’t see the elite troops. Only four amnesia strangers were found unconscious at the scene. And a mysterious object..The story starts here.


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    Oh, why are you still in a daze here? The traitors are coming! The traitor organization, said to be powerful enough to comfort the union government, is now attacking our small village. The government forces in the village are fighting with them, and even Gathering is on the front line! The traitor organization is so powerful, even this giant alchemy puppet is beaten by them. Fortunately, those who are defending are the regular army of the union only because of you, if only those ranger guards were stationed in the village, i am afraid we would have been beaten.

    Mintmark of Time cheats android, ios hack codes

    July - in order to protect her wish, she justice angel, is willing to become the justice angel. Don’t be deceived by her sweet appear. She will use the hammer to fight criminal. Kaile - juvenile with blue keen eyes. What behind his strong appearance is an exquisite heart. He will fight for his dream. Red - playful changmin. he seem to be rebellious but he is actually reliable. If his brief is challenged. He is bound to fight. A sexy and mature sister. She can forgive unfairness but she would use her weapon to protect the people she cares.

    Mintmark of Time - legendary equipment
    In battle, hero will first attack the enemy right ahead. Every attack will increase the anger. After anger is full, you can release a clutch shot. When hero cannot cast clutch shot, there is 33 % chance to release unique skill. collect magic fragments can learn different kinds of magic. hero upgrades to a certain star level can activate passive skills. Materials got from gem vine can be used to craft jewel. After the occupying the city can get rich rewards.

    Mintmark of Time secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: Click “my quest” button to automatically find the way to the quest site. Click team button, and you can check the information of partners. Even though a partner wants to join your team, his shards still need to be collected. A partner will be highlighted when his shards are sufficient. At that point, click on this box to put these shards together to ask him to join your team.


    After confirming that new members have joined, click the formation button below to let them join your battle formation. Drag them to positions at which you want to place them; thereafter, they will fight for you at those positions. Spread materials and gems can be sold to players through auction. You can also use relic in battle, which consumes magic value. Magic value restores each round.

    Mintmark of Time hacked

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