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    . El Salvador cheat free hack code list - diamond, gold, card point, accessories, materials, rune, elexir, evolve, level up.

    El Salvador cheat world: Do you want to know your power? Check battle tap in info menu. Rune disk recovery amount can be changed in battle tab in setting. Character can carry soul weapon. To get this, you need weapon piece. Basic attack - the first basic attack from a knight of the palace. Attack three times, and if you make a distance of more than 3 meters, you rush to your target.


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    Welcome to the desert of Lavilid in the desert. It’s the first town you’ll have an adventure. It is a small village which is already disappeared in Mueight country. Listen what i say. Press the character. Can you press the weapon slot? Do you see a red alert level up button on the bottom? Try to press. Can you see the materials that you need hack to level up your equipment? Let’s raise the level of the equipment. The power of a gem can only be used in weapons.

    El Salvador cheats android, ios hack codes

    Alliance consists of human, orc, elf, dwarf. Alliance consists 4 clans, and they are only one left to stop the imperial force’s ambition. Royal knight - means literally guard beside the king. It is an honor that who are armed with power in the hands of the empire. War Chief - the patriarch of war was one of the great chiefs of the orcs. The idol and leader of all warrior. There must be a reputation for other warriors because they are elected among several powerful warriors.

    El Salvador - legendary equipment
    Assassin - is a very reasonable force. The condition to become an assassin is to ride, and among those who have the condition, only the person who has undergone the life supporting cultivation process was able to enjoy the darkness of the title of the assassination. Fighter elf - among the elves, those who have not been chosen from the aura of the spirit and the stream of starlight have had to train to harden their bodies from their youth. Through physical training alone, they were able to preserve my physical strength and maintain body, and live through their own learning instead of the natural ability of other elves.

    El Salvador secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: lots of equipment can be hacked. Skill level can be enhanced by skill level up. When you are in battle status, you can not ride vehicle. Avoid battle situation. A bunch of mystical items are sold in the shop. You can get a lot of experience when you complete a daily mission.


    One of clan in the alliance iron hand, they are well known for strongest wolf riders. To level up, you need gold and gem hack. You can earn gold from the quiz. Even if you select incorrect answer. Ranger is one of seasoned troops in alliance. Each soldier is combat veteran. Under emperor’s leadership, imperial force’s technology has been developed. Especially, armaments. If you are killed by monster frequently, try enhance your equipment. Enhance increase your power.

    El Salvador hacked

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    free letter secret password code:
    1. NKNs96i3Dc - gold
    2. t5Fqg5CGcl - diamond
    3. wV2MmK2WcJ - card point
    4. 1VCztFPOIC - accessories
    5. 1vo8DWsAZ7 - materials
    6. KR5hpcl5LG - rune
    7. 47a04mnmIQ - elexir
    8. pfZ12dszqo - evolve
    9. XE8U2SeWwK - level up
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