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    DRAGONS WATCH cheat world: the ascension of the dragon elders is a time of great celebration. As they ascend, so their eggs will hatch, bringing forth the next generation of fiery protectors. These precious eggs are guarded day and night by the dragon’s watch - led by the honoured golden guardians. But disaster strikes! As the dragons ascend, world comes of raids, of stolen eggs, and guardians turned to solid gold.


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    Should the forces of evil harness the dragon magic, they could bring Kagria to its knees. Our only hope? A small band of novice adventurers recruited, in haste, at a local tavern. In their hands lie the future of the eggs, the Dragon’s watch and Kagria itself. To battle!

    DRAGONS WATCH cheats android, ios hack codes

    Berserker (reckless power) - always charge head first into battle. Guard (tough and durable) - guards can take hits and keep on going. Battlecaster (balanced) - are ready for any situation. Warrior (strong and swift) - are always ready for a fight. Mage (master of magic) - rain arcane terror on their foes. When the hero is a leader he can perform extra skills.

    DRAGONS WATCH - legendary hero
    True friendship - stand together, frontline allies deal an extra damage in elemental combos. The front 3 heroes can attack! Tap the segments in the revolver. Glowing orbs increase your mana, which you can use for special moves. Rotate your team by turning the revolver. Rotate hurt characters to the back so they can recover. A green circle below a hero means an elemental advantage against the opponent.

    DRAGONS WATCH secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: as you level up, maximum team cost increases. Completing a set in the library grant you special rewards. Events can increase your odds of summoning certain heroes. Remember collecting mana orbs fills up your special move bar. When the mana bar is full drag out the segment to launch a special move. Fusing heroes with matching elements grants bonus experience.


    Tap the heroes button to fuse heroes and increase their power. We’re going to fuse two heroes together to make them stronger. legend has it that summoning and evolving heroes can release the golden guardians. Tap an opponent to target them for attack. Tap and hold on a hero to see their full details. Fusing identical heroes increase the power of their special moves.

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    1. cd0BqSdgJO - potion slots
    2. JFnjn2cHLc - elements
    3. OM5iOq9e8n - fusing
    4. V4miTp3YLZ - evolve
    5. o5F0ULL1WQ - gems
    6. IAx8kWipcE - gold
    7. 4pzUxImuTE - souls
    8. Ltw94BwO4t - legendary hero
    9. X6tCgcFNML - increase stats
    10. Z3CouvX2Cd - premium pack
    11. NcfID7fDoR - draw ticket
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