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    Dream Town Story cheat world: hello boss! i’m your new secretary. I’ll do all i can to assist you in building a world famous town. We’ll have to start from scratch, through. First, we need to get some residents. And to do that, we’ll need some empty lots to build residential housing on! Open the build menu and select empty lot. Then place it on the town map. We want it to be by the road.


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    The cost varies depending on land value. Ya’ll need more roads if you want to expand the town. Something like this one for starters. I’m advertising our town nationally, so hopefully we’ll see more people moving in soon. You know, i just hate waiting. Let’s get the construction work finished at once. Tap the clock icon above the house to have it build without the wait.

    Dream Town Story cheats android, ios hack codes

    Tap house to see what it’s about. It’s great to have more residents .I can’t wait for this place to grow into a vibrant town busting with activity. Residents who approach an office can go inside to do some work and earn a salary. That’s why it’s best when offices are located where lots of people pass by. Your town would greatly benefit from some shops.

    Dream Town Story - diamonds
    Rotate the shop so that it faces the road. Boss, a resident got a treasure chest from a shop. Shops give them out to residents who fulfill certain requirements. Have residents visits lots of different shops so they can collect more treasure, and then something cool might happen! Sweet, we can now have a pretty little park. Parks are best located near residential housing.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: if you get lucky and see a floating Kairo-house tap it to get treasure. See stars when placing a new facility? It means it works well with the adjacent ones. Coziness affects how quickly residents’ HP is restored at home. Take small steps every day and you’ll get where you want to in the end. See if you can squeeze facility in between others, it raises land value. So try to locate it by shops or house.


    I was doing some landscaping work in a nearby town and got some leftover supplies. You can have them. Did you know that planting trees near residential houses increases coziness?

    Dream Town Story hacked

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