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    . THE LIONS KNIGHTS cheat free hack code list - skill points, vitality, gold, advanced materials, legend card, crystal, awaken, ore, shards, upgrade, level up.

    THE LIONS KNIGHTS cheat world: the darkness power forces were sealed, and the lions knights became a legend. In this way, the peace has passed for 16 years.
    Move: switch role, default open blue grid, is the role of the moving range. Click on any blue grid, role will moving, or click the return button to cancel. Your heroes can move within blue zone. After moving, the hero will get into normal attack status. Your heroes can attack within red zone.


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    Attack: 1. switch role, there will be a red attack - flag on nearby enemies. Click on to attack the enemy. 2 The role of moved, default open red plaid, is the role of the attack range. Click on the enemy on the red grid, then use attack to attack the enemy. After attacking, the card will enter standby status and foe’s turn will begin. Otherwise, you must tap standby manually.

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    Spirit: Each role have a spirit skill. For auxiliary combat, reverse the situation is very useful. CLick the spirit button, there will be a range for use. Some need to select the target, some for their own, some for the enemy. Spirit has may effects, that can make a difference in battles. Elsa’s spirit can restore a target’s health points. Skill and spirit consume MP of cards. After using spirit, hero can still attack or use a skill.

    THE LIONS KNIGHTS - diamonds
    Elsa’s skill will inflict frozen status on enemy, making it unable to act. Skill buff: roles of different skills, and some will be accompanied by buff effect. Once the buff hit, the situation will be very favorable. SOme of the role or monster only chest draw, specific mall can buy. The deeper mining area, the rarer minerals. Move jump: the role has a property - jump. Jump force is the role of up and down the map of the largest grid gap. So the big gap map, big jump force role can take a shortcut. Skill jump - each skill has the ability skill jump. The grid height difference of the skill attack range. For example, the role of larger skill jump, stand on a grid with large height difference, than enemy can’t hit him, and he can hit the enemy.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: breakthrough can unlock hidden attributes. Friends can give VItality to each other. Card attributes restraint, is the core of the strategic point of war. Free vision is available in the map. Join arena daily, to get daily arena chest hack. Clear the invaders in the battlefield of miracle ASAP. Hero transfer, not only the stats increases greatly, but the appearance will change significantly.


    Newbie quests will disappear 7 days, to be completed as soon as possible. Multiple skills - some skills are multiple attacks, so the battlefield position is just right, can do more damage to the enemy. use skills will consume a certain MP value. Multiple pluviose - some pluviose are multiple attacks. Not only damage is very high, but the enemy cannot fight back. Pluviose needs certain conditions to start, such as rage of up to a certain value. End of turn, attack, hit, kill enemies - increase rage.

    Cheating THE LIONS KNIGHTS: for the range of skills, it is necessary to move to the appropriate location, so that more damage to the enemy. Special skills - between the two roles, has a intimate relationship. They can be used special skills together in combat. The condition is: two roles stand on the 9 grid squares, and special skills range can hit the same enemy ( of course, the MP should be enough).

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    free letter secret password code:
    1. 9UgbzteuSj - skill points
    2. bPO1zr50p8 - vitality
    3. imwxhjom2K - gold
    4. tmm34oX9co- advanced materials
    5. 7ZqRVDM9Ld - legend card
    6. WjsqghBShr - crystal
    7. 0qJJLYc8X9 - awaken
    8. UEMp8nubw3 - ore
    9. Tf9qQqwJYm - shards
    10. tG4USqMXcl - upgrade
    11. 4wQzejJpSJ - level up
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