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    . Mobile Battleground cheat free hack code list - shard, gold, diamond, chest, instant open, upgrade, level up, premium pack, gift ticket.

    Mobile Battleground cheat world: hi, i’m cheat-on! Before we set foot on the battlefield, let's get prepared. Press the joystick in the lower left to move me to the blue road sign. Move to the brush, and you’ll turn invisible. Tap the basic attack button to launch a basic attack. After a basic attack, you’ll automatically reload. Don’t worry, we won’t make you wait too long.


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    Drag the basic attack button to control its direction. When your basic attack hits a target, it will charge up finishing move energy. Energy crystal mode - first team to collect 10 energy crystals wins! Careful, up death, you will drop all the crystals you’re carrying. GO with your teammates to steal some energy crystals. Ancient idol - control the idol. Only it can destroy the bases. First team to destroy the other side’s base wins.

    Mobile Battleground cheats android, ios hack codes

    Enchant - when HP drops below 30%, receive 30% lifesteal effect and get a 3065 pt shield. Shield last 6 seconds. After winning each battle, you get a small star, and whenever you have collected enough of it, you can come menu to collect additional reward. Learn and upgrade relics to gain more power. Study these relic shards carefully and work out what purpose they serve for.

    Mobile Battleground - diamonds
    After the purpose of the shards is figured out, please develop the relic. Please do remember the relic should be equipped, or it will be useless. Arelic will be more powerful after being refined. On finishing a quest if you forget the quest information, you can click quest menu to review it. After reviewing the information, click Deliver button to go directly to the quest site.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: heroes can be bought in the store with tokens. After upgrading the level, you can find an appropriate position in the formation for new characters. To defeat the disciples of the consultant, you need to elevate the power of the partners. Please be fair and impartial. It will be better to elevate the skills of all members.


    Our strength at present is not powerful enough to pass the ranger assessment. The most important thing is to improve our strength. Rank up the partner is also an option to boost their strength. Certain items are necessary for you to elevate the rank of a partner, attach the merit just won to where they can be worn. When there are enough medals collected, you can click the rank up button.

    Mobile Battleground hacked

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    free letter secret password code:
    1. QJaYtOJZXA - shard
    2. GnXnT9ulq8 - gold
    3. AY2tJafOtC - diamond
    4. VWgbU1P2jN - chest
    5. f3fQ4mWMAY - instant open
    6. Xy7dWYPjQB - upgrade
    7. vLTWHokeSe - level up
    8. 598R5D9INI - premium pack
    9. 94LvHJlkLd - gift ticket
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