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    DawnBreak cheat world: Master, you have finally returned. You are exhausted from the meditation training, right? It doesn’t matter. We go back to the bright temple and to rest. Later i’ll arrange some combat training for you. It is my greatest pleasure to be serving as your personal fairy. Tap dodge to avoid attacks. using the virtual pad to control the direction of dodge for avoiding attacks.


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    Notice the skill list on the left. Tap B to launch different skills. Tap a 3 times and B once to use skill. Ultimate can automatically recharge in the battle. When ultimate is full, use it to boost your hero.

    DawnBreak cheats android, ios hack codes

    Characters: Fallen lady Haley - a defensive hero who uses a dash attack to approach the enemy and unleashes successive attacks. Bard Luke - a bard who plays the enemies with guerilla warfare on the periphery. Imperial officer Anis - a icy swordsman who sprints to approach the enemies quickly and freezes them. Kensai Kotetsu - a samurai who has several chasing skills to attack enemies at various distances. Xinuo - a rogue who has a variety of agile attacks, defeats enemies with speed and skills. Witch Grace - a ranged mage who plays the target to death with slow, hold, and other effects.

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    Wind bringer Diva - a martial artist who controls the wind. Critical strike has a chance to cause huge damage. Dancer Kikyou - a support who can provide allies with damage reduction and enhance their HP limit. Ice crystal angel Feilin - a crowd control hero who uses the frozen skills to cause extra damage. Red queen Monica - a flame mage who attacks short-range, but powerful. Orc princess Marle - a combat fighter who attacks to burn with a chance, and accumulates ultimate faster. Night clan Simon - a swordsman who gains boosted effects when hp >50%. Uses a blood sucking skill to restore HP. Legend Herman - a brave who has many ranged chasing attacks and team healing skills.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: Hero level - accumulate experience through battles or using hero potion to level up. Your hero level cap equals current player level. Each hero has a corresponding element: fire, wind, water, light, darkness.Use equipment ore or other equipment to upgrade your equipment level. Exclusive equipment - each hero has exclusive sets of equipment, wield them for extra abilities! Exclusive equipment can be through summon, exchange, trial of hero to get.


    Collect hero shards to recruit heroes and to promote heroes. Promoting a hero will strengthen the character’s passive ability. Green means the correct element of hero, attack increase. Red means wrong element, attack reduced. Switch the hero with the correct element to combat easily. Co-op battle: is a multiplayer system that allows 1-4 players. Co-op is your main method to earn spirit. Every day, different spirit will drop. Select build team to open a room where you can invite other online players. Select join to join other rooms. You can also refresh or enter a party ID, or join from chat.

    DawnBreak hacked

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