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    Mighty Machines cheat world: ohh! Here you are! Everyone, meet our new crew leader. This is a hacking mission, your objective is to learn the basics. Crew leader - you’re our only hope. If something goes wrong, gather the heroes and protect the kingdom. I will help you organize an offensive. I’ve got some bad news. We’ve been attacked. The heroes are scattered, and your father and sister….they’re missing. Crew leader - let’s join the battle and find them.


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    Let’s reclaim our realm! First - choose the stage you want to drive through. Next - prepare the crew you want to take with you. Tap the unit to add it to your crew. You’ve hacked some chests. Open them using keys to get precious loot. Chests can contain useful parts and unit badges, as well as coins and experience points. Remember, that keys regenerate with time, so don’t mind using them.

    Mighty Machines cheats android, ios hack codes

    You can strengthen your units by installing looted parts. Go to the garage and do that. Here you can see a list of recruitable units. Tap on the one that you already own. Tap on an empty part slot. SInce you just looted the required part, you can install it, boosting your unit’s might. Did you know that you can open all of the chests at once? Let’s try hack that now.

    Mighty Machines skill points
    You can recruit new heroes by collecting their tokens. The training is over - you’ll make a fine crew leader. From now on, i’ll be a member of your crew. Now i’ll be taking orders from you! Just remember - your priority is to unite all the heroes and vanquish evil forces from our realm.

    Mighty Machines secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: complete the stage with 3 stars (no crew member destroyed) to unlock raid option (requires raid boost). Garage - train, upgrade and promote your units. Use magazines to increase unit’s level.


    Hammerang - shoot a pinning hammer at the nearest enemy. On hit, it has a chance to bounce on to the next enemy. Each hit deals 50% physical damage. Forged bravery - smash the heated anvil, boosting whole crew with bravery. It increases attack speed by 80%, and physical damage by 22% of hammersmith’s special damage. Chivalry tackle - tackle the closest enemy for 130% physical damage. Drive trhough charge - bend time and space and charge ahead, dealin special damage to each enemy in the path.

    Mighty Machines hacked

    how to enter hack cheats Mighty Machines.

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    1. H6NL8WQJZE - gems
    2. tJRmw6KluT - tokens
    3. YhEbBGCj37 - gold
    4. Fd8LUbRCCL - unlimited keys
    5. 1Waa1gMSIk - chest
    6. trPSd9l0l7 - summon
    7. HgAsGkCSbu - upgrade
    8. K0Kin7NDic - epic parts
    9. hzNDrE109r - evolve
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