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    Battle Arena cheat world: head to the arena center. Tap the attack button to attack enemies. Use the skill to inflict greater damage. Skills are more effective but have cooldown times. SOme skills can be used to dodge. The ultimate skill is the most effective but has the longest cooldown time. SKill buttons are above the attack buttons. Tap to use instantly or hold to aim shot.


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    Auto targeting prioritizes wounded/ nearest enemies. The attack button is at the bottom right. Hold or keep tapping to attack continuously. Attacking slows you down. Battles are 3 us. 3 and last until one team wins. To win the game, your team has to win 3 rounds. A round is won when all enemies are eliminated. You can choose the heroes you’ll use in battle. You can select one of each or simply pick 5 Rosinants if you want.

    Battle Arena cheats android, ios hack codes

    Aryla and Carab can inflict blindness,reducing your vision radius for a couple of seconds. Rosinant and Lumi can stun you, rendering you unable to ax=ct for a short time. You can heal yourself by grabbing health kits. When the match timer reaches zero the combat zone shrinks, dealing damage to everyone outside it. A weapon - we can equip our hero with it.

    Battle Arena shards
    • Lumi - deals damage to one enemy. Skills: shell - gains invulnerability for 0.5 seconds after receiving damage. Therapy - heals herself and her most wounded ally. Devotion - launches a sphere in the current direction that stuns an enemy on impact. The sphere then explodes for 2 seconds, dealing magic damage.
    • Rosinant - dealing damage to all enemies in front of him. Skills: hard boiled - shield stun’s current cooldown decreases by 0.5 seconds each time Rosu=inant is hit by a basic attack. Shield stun - flails his shield, striking alll enemies before him to deal damage and stun them for 1 second.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: if you forget the operations of the battle, you can recheck the battle tutorial in the menu. When you attack and conquer a monster, you earn experience in addition to valuable materials. Heroes develop by earning experience. Developing your ero will allow them to learn various abilities called skills. These powers will surely be useful in advancing our kingdom.


    Making the castle larger is the first step to advancing the kingdom. Expand the castle first. As the castle grows, the number of facilities that can be built increases, and facilities can also be built larger. The future of this kingdom rest on your shoulders! No need to feel too much pressure, though. You’ve got me by your side, after all. Even so… There’s a chance there will be times when we’re not prepared. When that happens, you’ll need to create alliance with like minded kings from other kingdom. It’s good to interact with various kings and learn about the world.

    Battle Arena hacked

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    1. 8sqNFxV4yx - legendary weapon
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    3. AE9HONwKmn - upgrade
    4. TfLvAD5fqb - level up
    5. vCiQSuEM15 - crystals
    6. 8uM4WZNrle - chest
    7. 2Xkk95UjTT - box
    8. RASzV362ni - silver coins
    9. Jj0VTL9V0o - gold
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