Wrath of Dragon hacked
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    . Wrath of Dragon cheat free code list - summoning ticket, gold, heart, box, rubies, skill points, prime mercenary, 6 star equipment, materials.

    Wrath of Dragon cheat world: the small lights from everywhere are coming together to light the world from the darkness. YOu can evade the enemy's attack and traps by evasion skills. Kill enemies by using the attack button. Try the combination attack with combination of skills. Avoid the enemy attack and try to use hack cheats. Stunning continued skills and combo attacks! The combo attack is available with continued skills and basic attack.


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    Drachu is easy to control, you can ride it on, call it when you need an help. You will get some skill points whenever your level is up. Passives of same effect (characters, mercenaries) are not redundant. Learn skills for more powerful combo attacks. Enhance the 1 skill level with paid the skill points. If you click a row or click the above skills associated skills will be triggered.

    Wrath of Dragon cheats android, ios hack codes

    Characters: warrior - it rules the world by force. The warrior fights against many enemies alone, with his superior strength and infinite power. Magician - it rules the world with a powerful spell. As many enemies as you encounter, that boasts a powerful destructive. Assassin - it deceives the world by swiftness flashing mirderous eyes to the enemy, it gets stronger on every attacks to enemy.

    Wrath of Dragon material
    If you choose a friend, you will get helped during the battle. When you hack a set, you will get additional options. Ranking compensation is paid when maintaining the ranking until regular inspection. If you strengthen the equipment it becomes more powerful. The weapon material items required to strengthen a weapon. So ti may not be reinforced material and we will give you the weapon material items.

    Wrath of Dragon secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: the monsters with same number of strs +5th enhancement + consensus 100% can be compounded. Increasing consensus can be done by playing the battlefield. You can get paid for attendance, mission, and event thrugh mailbox. Up to +5 enhanced levels of strengthening can be achieved when hacked to a upgrade.


    Up to 10 it can be enhanced by using a reinforcing material code. You can use the ruby to pick new equipments or new mercenaries hack. You can try the free draw only once every 24 hours. Go to the lobby and attach the cheated mercenaries and items. The weapons can be evolved without the limit. You can make the next level item thru compounding 5 star, 5th enchanted item and material item.

    Wrath of Dragon hacked

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    free letter secret password code:
    1. KPbNrjHH7H - summoning ticket
    2. xHrhzGmj58 - gold
    3. k48gHnROYu - heart
    4. RgrLR307hw - box
    5. s8AAQ24mP1 - rubies
    6. yGye5srmES - skill points
    7. xXXSVNbcW4 - prime mercenary
    8. Y065U2IBXc - 6 star equipment
    9. IFjCgAYaNJ - materials
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