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    Southern Cross cheat world: hello, i’m agent cheat-on of the Southern cross information department. Right now, the foremost city of humanity, Southern cross, is gathering warriors and corps soldiers from all over the world in the face of the final battle with Yanuke. Legendary mercenary Perceval, and planet class troops boast of Miguel and even if you name it, the warriors who warm your heart are preparing for the battle against the Yanuk. YOu are doing great in the future, and i hope they get the same fame.


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    Well, i think we’ll have to make an urgent request before we even get into Southern Cross. In an unexpected and urgent situation, city is now in a panic. In response to the news that Trinium gate in northern Southern Cross had been taken down by Yanuke, General Hamilton, commander of the Southern Cross, led the soldiers to the northern camp to recapture the Trinium Gate. However, at the Trinium Gate, he was deceived by the surprise of the Yanuke. Now general Hamilton camps at the northern camp and barely blocks the attack of Yanuke. However, it seems that time is a matter of time for the camp to fall because the Yanuk network is heading towards the camp more and more. Moreover, the situation is even more urgent because it is said it at Southern cross, all soldiers and warriors, except for the defense forces, urgently headed to the northern camp. Help to save general.

    Southern Cross cheats android, ios hack codes

    Characters: warrior (storm of battlefield) - based on high stamina and defense power, it uses the great sword to control the enemy. Skills: assault - falling shock waves attack enemies around your character. Blade storm - rotates with the sword and attacks enemies within range. Sonic boom - it blows out sword’s energy to attack enemies within range.

    Southern Cross trinium
    Ghost - the thrill of a calm battlefield. Use various firearms to make quick and fatal attacks depending on the situation. Skills: rampage - fire bullets at enemies within a certain range. Dancing bullet - shoot the bullets to the enemies around the character. Dual gunshot - summons two guns to attack enemies within range. Esper - a balancer that covers the battlefield. Use ESp to attack and support various situations. SKills: fire bolt - attacks with five flames in front. Ground shake - an intense earthquake attacks nearby enemies. First aid - creates a recovery area (vitality) around the character.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: you can easily find character by using the quest auto-tracking feature in the left hand center of the screen. All combat units, including catapults, can be removed by touching the unload button beside to the skill button. Skill container - it is a function that you can use to connect the skill you currently use with the skill in the skill window. Now i will teach you how to associate your abilities with the points that are awarded according to the level you have earned. You can also use skill container and stat points hack to boost up to 70% of your original abilites.


    There will be a spider on your inventory! If you use the spider in the slot for the spider, you can move very easily when you move the distance. All skills are divided into physical type and esp type. The trinium crystals that are made are used to upgrade equipment. Hack fusion the two highest level equipment of the same tier to obtain the higher tier equipment. Item upgrades include a crystal upgrade and a cash upgrade. When you grow an item to level 20, you will see a button called hack and cheat in the item detail window. If you press the upgrade button here, the item upgrade window appears. There are Southern Cross crystal hack and cash codes tabs in the item upgrades window, and you can use the same level of trinium crystals that you have. Cash upgrades can be purchased by purchasing upgrade tickets at the cash store.

    Southern Cross hacked

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    1. Eo8QOAo3mp - skill points
    2. ZFnTSMBMg3 - stats
    3. 8fsGJXp1FS - trinium crystal
    4. dPLrEeZB9a - tier
    5. RPnRGsYCjO - cash gold
    6. lCrcHh2pME - upgrade
    7. DlLQ9QpEyx - gem fusion
    8. 41FX9QYeDV - tickets
    9. DXdGAwWeVA - ruby
    10. VrF5e1j7e8 - level up
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