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    . Global Adventures cheat free code list - fatigue, bound coins, money, fame, level up, recover, treasure chest, gems, upgrade.

    Global Adventures cheat world: history is an endless maze and time is a question without an answer. We discovered helicopters and submarines on a mural from 3400 years ago in Seti’s temple in ancient Egypt. About 2000 years ago in India’s epic Mahabharata there is a record of nuclear weapons being used.


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    Characters: Demolitionist accomplished skills: rocket, portable cannon, remote controlled bomb. Shock trooper skills” electromagnetic storm device, flying knife, hand grenade.Dio-tech skills: ion cannon, soldier bee, nano storm. Challenge Chrono rift dungeon in the Wilderness, after clearing, team leader gets additional rewards.

    Global Adventures cheats android, ios hack codes

    After entering the Wilderness , if there are team members from the same guild as you, the guild members will get bonus attributes, the more guild members, the greater the bonus. Click on the skill icon or use the corresponding numeric keys to cast a skill. When battling monsters, if the attributes increased by your consecutive hits reach a certain extent, getting beaten won’t decrease this effect.

    Global Adventures treasure chest
    push onto bed - drag to skill column, select an interaction subject, then click this icon again, and both characters can execute this action. Big mummy brute - this is the upgraded version of the mummy warrior, one of the legendary guards of the god of death. When he lifts his hammer, he is like a windmill. It’s scary as hell. But luckily he has a weak spot, after the attack, he gets a bit dizzy. That is the best time to attack.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: challenge summon bose dungeon in the Wilderness, after clearance all team members will get a generous gift pack, but everyone will only get 2 summon gift packs at most per day. There is also a Wilderness entrance at the combat commissioner in the guild scene, single player using this entrance will be priority matched to a team from the same guild, making it more convenient to form guild team.


    Hints: if you state resistance is strong enough, you won’t be afraid of losing your state. Dodging can avoid most attacks. Reach level 30 to claim exclusive title, discover the unknown wilderness. Enter the WIlderness to unveil the true secrets. Strength recovers more rapidly when standing. When a mission is completed, click the underlined text to collect your reward.

    Global Adventures hacked

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    1. TvooRmsSn7 - fatigue
    2. qNR25PHidf - bound coins
    3. l1ApIGa0V9 - money
    4. 1WLxy4Sh1M - fame
    5. sjhByRzLIV - level up
    6. NVlZ7q1vid - recover
    7. 9lt18KEMFm - treasure chest
    8. LLOjxHXD2B - gems
    9. jNLxm9UR0t - upgrade
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