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    . AIIA DRAGON ARK cheat free code list - gemstone, manakey, soul, gold, skill points, register coupon, honor, costume, coin pack, vip weapons.

    AIIA DRAGON ARK cheat world: welcome, soldiers, you’ve worked hard to get here. I’m cheat-on, the head of Exelion, the great banisher special force. You’ll take the final test to become a member of Exelion. Official knight gear will be in this mission. However, whether you can own the gear depends on your test results. I’ll be with you, but don’t relax yet as it is a real fight. Just follow my orders. TO become a member of Exelion, Arma’s contractor, you need to be able to kill hundreds of Banishers with your eyes closed.


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    Use the panel on the left side of the screen to move. Attack the banishers by using the panel on the right side of the screen. Keep pressing the attack button to use combos. Evade traps by using the evade button. Be sure to avoid them whenever possible.

    AIIA DRAGON ARK cheats android, ios hack codes

    Characters: Dria - use the enchanted orb overflowing with magic aura. Khan - swing your sword and send the enemy flying with a powerful blow. leona - uses a spear and overpowers the enemy with quick attacks. Secrets: if you enchant or upgrade arma, both your arma and character stats will increase.

    AIIA DRAGON ARK manakey
    Skills are useful for defeating many enemies or one tough enemy. Remember that you can sometimes get damaged by enemies while casting skills. You can use ultimate skills with the ultimate skill button. Remember that you can activate the ultimate skill button by gaining souls. You can kill enemies easily with auto battle function. Touch the skill buttons during auto battle to kill banishers more quickly.

    AIIA DRAGON ARK secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: the level up package customized for your character helps the character level up faster than other players. You can create helmes by combining helmets. However, the set name and stats will change. If you have 5 of the same gemstone type, you can upgrade them to a high grade stone. You need soulstone for battle. You can get soulstone from hack cheats , the store or missions.


    Hints: if the recommended ability is not green, but instead, is orange or red, it would be better to increase the character’s stats. Buff card increased coins by x2. You can purchase them from hack cheats or receive them as rewards. You can use Arma skills and ultimate skills automatically by using code buff card. Get stronger gear through combine! Combine enchanted gears to make higher grade gears. Challenge the raid with other players and get special gear.

    AIIA DRAGON ARK hacked

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    free letter secret password code:
    1. r488fiHmkX - gemstone
    2. DsbcM4jMZH - manakey
    3. binmZZeQRY - soul
    4. c9Ou1diCdS - gold
    5. s1iuQhFIQV - skill points
    6. XFckHb1qar - register coupon
    7. ZjILtM8FuY - honor
    8. MA8svFggvt - costume
    9. WUPmLWSzxf - coin pack
    10. 9BlrxBzaId - cip weapons
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